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a test to insure that a vehicle is roadworthy

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However, as it stands now, the driving test does not include any testing of a driver's ability to cope safely with country roads, poor weather or driving at night - three aspects we know are the main risk factors in the first six months of solo driving.
The number of road traffic accidents cannot be ignored and passing the driving test is only the beginning of a life time behind the wheel.
In one case, a practitioner believed that more than half of the practice's patients had driven with eyesight poor enough to fail a driving test.
Additionally, Maisie Williams did not tell anyone, including her loved ones, about the driving test that she took until she found out the result.
It is easier to pass your driving test in Oakridge - too easy in fact - because the town is so small, he said.
TWO Birmingham learner drivers turned their driving test into one "L" of a marathon - by failing an incredible 40 times.
THERE seems to be a major problem over the Government's approach to driver education because nearly 54,000 motorists in the UK have penalty points on their licences even before their driving test.
Brooks' letter in Thursday's Daily Record, I would like to see their reaction if they failed a 10-year driving test re-sit.
But Mold's driving test centre in St David's Lane closed its doors for good last week after 50 years.
But she is not the first crooked driving test interpreter to be exposed.
This sentence sends a clear message that driving test fraud is a serious offence and will be dealt with accordingly," said Andy Rice, the Driving Standards Agency's head of fraud.
The MD Practice Driving Test apps were developed at no charge for the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration by NIC Inc.
Contract notice: Theory test and driving test reception systems.
You can find the driving test prep material at DrivingTests101.
A CHINESE interpreter has been jailed for helping driving test candidates cheat by using the Mandarin word for "yes" before the correct multiple choice question answer.