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a license authorizing the bearer to drive a motor vehicle

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The act would, among other things, effectively ban states from issuing driver's licenses to illegal immigrants by making licenses from the states that do so invalid for boarding airplanes or entering public buildings.
Donald Kendall, Chairman of the Coalition for a Secure Driver's License Board of Directors, said, "The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles achievement in completing the complex process upgrade necessary to meet the federal security benchmarks for driver's licenses is exemplary.
The technology is being integrated as part of statewide programs to help protect residents against identity crimes and threats by ensuring each driver's license is granted only to the rightful owner.
chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, would require anyone applying for or seeking renewal of a state-issued driver's license to prove that they are in the United States lawfully.
Polaroid has produced Utah's driver's licenses for the past 12 years.
The origin of the false information remains murky, but the number has taken on a life of its own, fueling reams of Internet chatter and adopted as a talking point by those who say driver's licenses are not just an immigration issue but a matter of national security.
The library includes a broad array of standard and non-standard documents such as passports, visas and driver's licenses.
SANTA CLARITA - Traffic on San Fernando Road slowed to a crawl Thursday morning as sheriff's deputies enforced a driver's license checkpoint, netting more than 20 motorists driving without valid licenses.
Spence and his group oppose illegal immigrants obtaining driver's licenses under any circumstance.
Gil Cedillo, with the backing of none other than Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton, has pledged to continue his six-year fight to award illegal immigrants with driver's licenses - never mind that recent polls show that 70 percent of California's voters are opposed to the bill.
It was a good day to get news coverage for Cedillo's controversial bill to allow California's estimated 6 million undocumented immigrants to get driver's licenses, and to launch the first challenge to the man who stands in its way.
De La Rue is also one of the world's largest providers of tamperproof national identity documents, including passports and driver's licenses.
SACRAMENTO - Illegal immigrants who submit to extensive background checks could apply for California driver's licenses under a new bill unveiled Tuesday, but Gov.