drive-by shooting

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shooting someone from a car as it is driven past the victim

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Just last week, a driveby shooting and subsequent gunbattle between police and the Avenues street gang in Northeast L.
Sources have said that the victim of the beating was the man who burnt out a car straight after O'Hagan's death, in a cynical attempt to throw murder squad detectives off the scent of the silver car said to have been used for the driveby shooting.
We certainly don't want to be roadkill, or a driveby shooting victim, on the information superhighway.
According to police, Farooqi escaped the attack unhurt; however, his three gunmen sustained gunshot injuries in the driveby shooting assault on Quaidabad bridge past midnight.
TWO men arrested after a driveby shooting have been released on bail.
FOUR men involved in a driveby shooting in Newport last year were each jailed for 12 years yesterday.
They were killed in a driveby shooting at a New Year party in Aston in 2003.
THERE'S nothing like a driveby shooting or two (or three .
PANORAMA CITY -- A person was taken to an area hospital after apparently being injured in a driveby shooting Thursday, authorities said.
Weeks later, two gunmen tried to kill Holmes in a driveby shooting outside Royston Primary School.
A police van was nearby and an Turkington'smber, which lead to his However soon after the driveby shooting, Turkington became involved in an incident with a taxi driver at the bottom of Barrack Road, near St James' Park.
Two men and two women died in a car in the driveby shooting on a road near Hebron in the West Bank.
TWO teenagers were gunned down in a driveby shooting in Birmingham.
TERRIFIED takeaway staff dived for cover during a driveby shooting.