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the electrode in a transistor where electrons originate

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Also, space drippers closer together for shallow-rooted plants.
Most of them urinated in it, a few of them worked it feverishly and a couple of ornery bucks even got up on their hind legs to try to get the scrape dripper.
99) is a blend of estrous secretions, buck, urine, and Territorial Musk, which is perfect for establishing and maintaining mock scrapes with a WRC Magnum Scrape Dripper, as well as for dousing natural scrapes.
Use doe urine anytime to attract a buck to a scent wafer or dripper.
New for 2011, Tink's introduces its Scrape Bomb Scrape Dripper.
The only exception being an automatic scrape dripper that is designed to dispense scent into a mock scrape at certain intervals.
The Ultimate Scrape Dripper is another core product.
A water source can be made more attractive to birds by adding a water dripper, mist sprayer or a cascading trickle.
Use commercially available mock scrape deer urine mixes (generally scents from another buck) to freshen the scrape often or use a product such as a scrape dripper to keep it fresh when you aren't around.
11) Wildlife Research Center's Ultimate Scrape Dripper begins dripping the company's Active Scrape scent as the temperature rises and falls.
Removal of dripper field irrigation system and installation of leach drain system.
Power Scrape Finisher works best when used with the company's Scrape Bomb[R] Dripper during the time when bucks are still tending scrapes but are now showing an interest in does, too.
HIS style was so singular, so recognisable, that it even won Jackson Pollock his own nickname - Jack the Dripper, writes Catherine Jones.