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a song celebrating the joys of drinking

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Beer for My Horses,'' Nelson's "Hot Country'' chart-topping duet he did with Toby Keith, was a great cowboy drinking song that turned into the first of many impromptu audience sing-alongs, as well as serving as another reason for many in the audience to drink more.
The festivities will include live music today with folk and drinking songs by Dr Busker and tomorrow with jazz and swing music from the University of Warwick Big Band.
Bellman's earliest drinking songs were written in the tradition inaugurated by earlier 17th-century poets like Runius, Holmstrom, and others.
The soulful score by Alex Glasgow captures the spirit of mining communities through music hall, vaudeville and drinking songs.
vineyard from whence issue blood oaths, drinking songs, and blood-red
The students were lying across the verges, lots of them were vomiting and they were singing rowdy drinking songs," the passer-by added.
Where Finnish support act Turisas have created their own genre of Viking warrior-style drinking songs, Dragonforce are on a mission to keep the old school alive.
On the German Stage guests can enjoy the sounds of The Rheinlanders as they churn out all the best Oktoberfest and drinking songs.
Variety--a mix of drinking songs, marching songs, a particularly gorgeous balcony scene in the manner of Don Giovanni and a very impressive quintet--enlivened the score and lifted it far above the ordinary.
Little is said about popular poetry such as street ballads or drinking songs.
The band's catchy tunes - once likened to 19th century drinking songs (a putdown Jon loves) - are rooted in rock's prehistory.
Gray and Peterson's score, mostly a variety of drinking songs, blends into the script, but you won't rush out to buy the CD.
The channel will provide games, drinking songs and jokes and InfoSpace will boost its opportunities for revenue by selling its content through O2's revenue sharing model.
95) includes grand ballads such as "Arthur McBride", "A Nation Once Again", "The Scarriff Martyrs", and "Whiskey in the Jar", while 50 Great Irish Drinking Songs (095320684X, $15.