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Synonyms for alcoholism

an intense persistent desire to drink alcoholic beverages to excess

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This comes after Judge Ted Booras reportedly mentioned she might have a drinking problem, after letting the former countess return to New York and releasing her without bond.
You will be surprised to know that most of the men who have drinking problems are professionals with good positions at their workplaces.
According to Sutherland, such steps are necessary to ensure that the board, with the help of its various professionals, makes additional judgments on Warner's possible drinking problem to provide whatever support is necessary, adding that Warner is making ordinary decisions and getting himself into trouble.
Data for the current investigation will focus on the self-reported drinker profile and overall instructor evaluation of the offender's drinking problem.
Mr Kennedy's statement was said to have been prompted after ITV News contacted him with detailed allegations about a long-term drinking problem.
Mr Kennedy decided to make his statement after ITV News contacted him with detailed allegations about a long-term drinking problem.
Leo is selfishly ambitious and has a drinking problem.
Houck had a major drinking problem until, in 1934, he heard Buchman's challenge to live a different life following God's guidance.
Jamieson said: 'There is a real underage drinking problem across Scotland, and not just because of one product.
We meet him as his devoted colleagues participate in an intervention where he reluctantly agrees to seek help for his drinking problem.
Fired from Hughes Missile Systems (now Raytheon) in 1991 when he tested positive for cocaine, Hernandez, who also had a drinking problem, reapplied in 1994 after joining Alcoholics Anonymous and giving up drugs.
THERE is a massive underage drinking problem in Ireland so the relaxed way Minister McDaid dealt with his son's drinking is very worrying.
Among 8,657 students who had consumed alcohol in the past year and had at some point drunk to intoxication, results of chi-square analyses revealed that the likelihood of having gotten drunk at a young age was elevated among younger students, males, whites, never-married respondents, those who had smoked cigarettes or marijuana at a young age, students whose parents did not disapprove of alcohol and those with at least one parent who had a drinking problem.
Wuethrich and Wechsler offer several suggestions for what can be done by students, college administrators, and parents to curb the college-campus drinking problem.
You don't have to "hit bottom" before you resolve a serious drinking problem.