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a thin paper or plastic tube used to suck liquids into the mouth


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Sierra's Table's latest product is the bamboo drinking straw called 'IP-ipan' (the name is derived from the local term 'ip-ip,' which means to sip or absorb, and 'IP' for indigenous peoples).
Mr Distefano added: "As a company we have committed to use less plastic where possible, plastic drinking straws are one change we can make quite easily.
Complete the look with retro striped paper drinking straws.
Customized Drinking Straws: For the football fanatic who loves hosting watch parties at their place, bendable drinking straws printed with the logo of their favorite pro or college team make amazing stocking stuffers.
The next time students came to class, we cut plastic drinking straws into small pieces to look more like branches of the stainless steel dendroids.
He would place two drinking straws into his tear ducts and the other end into the bottles of milk; he would then suck the milk straight up through his peepers.
Wellington, May 1 ( ANI ): Beyonce Knowles has reportedly asked for drinking straws worth 900 dollars on her The Mrs Carter Show World Tour.
For $10 or $15, you can get 100 DrinkSavvy drinking straws or 50 drinking cups.
They're made of scavenged consumer detritus--broom handles, lighters, pails, drinking straws, old lamps--that bear traces of human (ab)use.
These special drinking straws will feature ALSF's logo on one end with a call to action text donation.
Use plastic drinking straws, modeling clay for the nose cone, and card stock for fins.
The Biomind degradable compounds are sold by Cabopol for garbage bags, food packaging, shopping bags, drinking straws, and agricultural films.
The Syrian Satellite Channel said the smugglers put the pills in a plastic drinking straws inside garden fences made of metal due to be exported to a neighboring country through a shipping bureau.
For this exhibition he's appropriated drinking straws, bootlaces and plumbers piping and brought it to life with the key element of many of his works: light.
The changes ranged from the big (selling her car, unplugging her fridge) to the small (giving up drinking straws, picking up litter) to the more unusual (using vinegar as a shampoo substitute--"I reeked like a fish-and-chips shack.