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a thin paper or plastic tube used to suck liquids into the mouth


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Plastic drinking straws, super wide drinking straws
A hearing was held before Mr Justice Norris, who in his judgment said: "By 'chattels' is meant the freestanding furniture and the soft furnishings, the crockery and cutlery and trolleys and napery used in the restaurants, the glasses and washing machines used in the bars, the linen used in the bedroom and the machines used for cleaning them, and all the stocks of consumables from drinking straws to cleaning materials used in the hotel business.
For this exhibition he's appropriated drinking straws, bootlaces and plumbers piping and brought it to life with the key element of many of his works: light.
uk You will need: * scraps of wallpaper, magazine pictures, used wrapping paper, coloured paper, junk mail * pencil, ruler, and scissors * paste * drinking straws * thread or yarn 1.
The changes ranged from the big (selling her car, unplugging her fridge) to the small (giving up drinking straws, picking up litter) to the more unusual (using vinegar as a shampoo substitute--"I reeked like a fish-and-chips shack.
an innovative producer of premium disposable plastic cutlery, drinking straws, meal and dietary kits have merged, effective April 30, 2009.
The toymaker has written a book - Traditional Wooden Toys: their history and how to make them - and is writing another one teaching children how to make toys from everyday items like paper, cardboard, clay, and drinking straws.
Ask an adult helper to make an X with the drinking straws and staple them in the middle.
Use the plastic drinking straws to drop a few drops of each color into the water.
Examples are shown for the production of band-aid material, tea bags, parking tickets, airline tickets, food labels, gloves, shopping bag handles, drinking straws, chop sticks, price tags, admission tickets and more.
The editor's own submission, B-A-C-H trifft C-A-G-E, requires the student to prepare four strings on the piano with drinking straws, in tribute to American composer John Cage.
Inspired by the vivid colours that can be seen swathed across the region, the National Wildflower Centre created its own man-made meadow, making flowers out of everything from bottle tops to drinking straws.
A GROUP of students has invented drinking straws which reveal if alcohol has been spiked.
To measure tongue extension, Muchhala encouraged bats to sip sugar water from drinking straws.
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