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a custard-like food made from curdled milk

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In the United States, LaLa is the prime brand in the adult drinkable yogurt segment and Promised Land and Skim Plus are identified regional super premium milks, as per Grupo LaLa.
Like any low-fat plain drinkable yogurt, Siggi's version is a Best Bite.
In the United States, LALA is the leading brand in the adult drinkable yogurt category and Promised Land and Skim Plus are highly recognized regional super premium milks.
Demoing is especially important for drinkable yogurt, where texture is a concern for consumers.
At the K show, a double-shuttle ADV2 will mold 200-ml bottles for drinkable yogurt, neck to neck, in 40 cavities, for a capacity of 12,000 bottles/hr on the double shuttle.
Dairy beverages are mostly served in pouches; however, flavored and drinkable yogurt creates a demand for other forms of packages.
Hispanics, while the acquisition of the Frusion and La Creme brands has bolstered its share of the drinkable yogurt and yogurt-based dessert categories respectively.
Yakult sets up new drinkable yogurt plant in Mexico to double output
Above-average expansion for cultured dairy applications will be led by continued robust expansion in yogurt consumption and a plethora of new product introductions, including expanded varieties of drinkable yogurt, products targeted at children, and functional types offering health benefits beyond standard nutrients.
For instance, Lori Clark, co-owner, with her husband, of Apex Carpet Care in Pasadena, recently bought three packages of Danimals drinkable yogurt for $1 each.
Breyers Creme Savers Smoothies are drinkable yogurt in flavors reminiscent of the Nabisco candy: Strawberry & Creme, Orange & Creme and Peaches & Creme.
Brown Cow Farm has just released a truly delicious drinkable yogurt in flavors like Orange Creme, Tahitian Vanilla, Apricot Mango and Strawberry Banana ($1.
supplier of plastic containers for hot-fill juice and juice drinks, sports drinks, drinkable yogurt and smoothies, nutritional supplements, wide-mouth food, dressings, condiments and beers; a leading global supplier of plastic containers for yogurt drinks; a leading supplier of plastic containers for liquid fabric care products, dish care products and hard-surface cleaners; and a leading supplier in the U.
As this category expands and consumer interest grows, we believe it will be important for retailers to highlight their drinkable yogurt offerings.