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(facetious) a serving of an alcoholic beverage

a serving (of wine) poured out in honor of a deity

the act of pouring a liquid offering (especially wine) as a religious ceremony

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Judges voted Yummy Yorkshire a winner for growing the business as well as displaying a strong food and drink offering.
The market here has been craving a drink offering such as Piper and we are look- ing forward to aggressively growing the brand, at the same time as we chill-out with Piper.
The Solihull-based firmsaid its broader food and drink offering was better placed to see off the adverse headwinds in a beer market which sawan estimated 9% fall in volumes during October.
The festival began with an open-air ceremony: official blessings, the pouring of a drink offering to the ancestors, and a procession with two male dancers dressed in traditional Watusi garb (raffia headdress and skirt, bare chest, and six-foot spear) told spectators that this performance would follow African precepts.
As part of its Defra-funded programme to increase awareness across the country of Britain's regional food and drink offering to retailers, Food from Britain has been working with the regional food groups and Waitrose for more than a year to help foster positive relationships.
com/taste, is supported by FFB as part of its three-year Defra funded plan to raise awareness of Britain's food and drink offering.
The two-day festival showcases the food and drink offerings in Birmingham's commercial quarter, Colmore Business District, with 24 venues serving tasters of signature menu items, ranging from PS1.