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The bark and leaves of Drimys winteri contain polygodial and are also traditionally used for the treatment of asthma, allergy or bronchitis.
Isolation and identification of active compounds from Drimys winteri barks.
Anti-hyperalgesic properties of the extract and of the main sesquiterpene polygodial isolated from the barks of Drimys winteri (Winteraceae).
Anti-allergic effects and oedema inhibition caused by the extract of Drimys winteri.
Scientific name Parasite form (family) Aspidosperma ramiflorum L amazonensis (Apocynaceae) (promastigotes) Drimys brasiliensis T.
Protandry was found mainly among members of Asteraceae, Campanulaceae, and Gunneraceae, with protogyny among the genera Drimys, Eryngium, Loctoris, Myrceugenia, and Plantago.
Azara, Drimys, Pernettya, and Robinsonia; Anderson et al.
In addition, for seven other genera we suggest that the colonizers were likely insect pollinated and that on the islands they have become, of necessity, wind pollinated (Azara, Drimys [Fig.
1985; Philipson, 1946, 1947a, 1948), or de novo from buds in the axils of leaves or bracts, as in Acacia baileyana (Derstine & Tucker, 1991) and Drimys winteri (Tucker, 1959).
The inflorescences of Drimys winteri have acropetal floral initiation, but the direction of anthesis among flowers is basipetal (Tucker, 1959).
Ontogeny of the inflorescence and the flower in Drimys winteri var.