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a machine tool with a separate, upright stand

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We were on the site when he crashed his drilling machine into the (victim's) loader," the 33-year-old Indian witness, who worked with both, told police.
The huge Earth Pressure Balance drilling machine, operated by Midwest Mole Inc.
Mr Beinoras was operating a pedestal drilling machine to drill holes into some box section tubing.
02 Hand Operated Electric Drilling Machine Operating Of 1 Phase,230V Ac Supply, 235 Watt, Capacity 10 Mm, 700 Rpm No Load ,Light Duty And Approx, Weight Shall Be Less Than 5 Kg, Qty-02 Nos.
Tenders are invited for machine lathe of high accuracy, shyrokouniversalnyy milling machine, combined hydraulic press shears, hydraulic guillotine shears, grinding machine, machine for centreless grinding valves, drilling machine, grinding machine, drilling machine table
Contract awarded for 1) 6025ns-rail drilling machine rdso specification no.
He added that owning these drilling machine will help in rationalizing the implementation cost of the project and to have the ability to implement other projects at any time, whether inside or outside Egypt.
Summary: The gang loaded a large quantity of drugs into a drilling machine aboard a ship that arrived at Hamriyah Port
Dubai Police have arrested five people for trying to smuggle a large amount of drugs hidden inside a drilling machine shipped to Hamriya port from an Arab country, police said on Monday.
The SIMTAP drilling machine assembles in seconds and works with most corporation stops.
Sedidrill is the first drilling firm capable of loading up a dynamic penetrometer on a small drilling machine, said a company statement.
ANORTH East company has been ordered to pay almost pounds 10,000 in fines and costs after one of their workers had two fingers severed when his hand was caught in the drilling machine he was operating.
A gigantic drilling machine broke the remaining wall 8,200 feet (2,500 metres) below the imposing Piz Vatgira peak in the Gotthard massif several minutes ahead of schedule.
He was operating an unguarded pedestal drilling machine when the glove on his right hand became entangled in one of the rotating spindles of the drill.
A PAKISTANI man, jailed for three years after his colleague was crushed to death by a drilling machine he was operating, lodged an appeal against his conviction yesterday.