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a machine tool with a separate, upright stand

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Drilling machine Model no: BOSCH/GBM13,Drill bit size: 5 mm diameter suitable for I Drilling machine Model no: BOSCH/GBM13,Drill bit size: 5.
Sedidrill, the initiator of the rotary drilling with percussion for geotechnical uses, is set to roll out its wide range of core drilling machines at the "Intermat Middle East" show which opens in Abu Dhabi on Monday.
The increased risk from the wearing of gloves at drilling machines is well documented.
We will be getting another towards the end of the year," he said of the drilling machine at CRG's Slot 8 mine.
Health and safety offi-cials said that Shirleybased Thor Hammer Company had received previous advice to guard their drilling machines before the incident took place.
A PAKISTANI man, jailed for three years after his colleague was crushed to death by a drilling machine he was operating, lodged an appeal against his conviction yesterday.
Cooperation between some drilling machine constructors and drill bit suppliers has resulted in a revised packaging design, consisting of a plastic strip which contains 10 tools and is designed to be directly inserted into the drilling machine's tool changer magazine, eliminating handling.
Mitsui Seiki's VLD-300 is a small, vertical, Nd:YAG laser drilling machine for 12" cube parts (300mm x 300mm x 300mm in X-, Y-, Z-axes).
Now an inquiry is under way at Yorkshire Poultry Products, in Hammerton Street, Bradford, after it was revealed the men had apparently used a drilling machine to drill 500 feet down into a natural gas reserve below the premises.
A support bar was also made so Matthew could safely use a drilling machine.
The CNC drilling machine will help reduce manufacturing lead times and reduce the cost of spinnerets.
A MASSIVE drilling machine finally emerged into daylight this week heralding a new era in Dublin transport.
In other Voith news: The company has invested in what it says is the world's largest suction roll shell automatic gun drilling machine in St.
Tunnelling on the Red Line subway has been halted twice this month, first when the drilling machine called ``Thelma'' hit water, and again when it encountered loose ground, a transit spokesman said Wednesday.