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a bit used in drilling for oil

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This mostly involves Wade trying to summon the nerve to ask Asian classmate Brooke for a date or being needled by his macho stepfather, and Drillbit, now posing as a teacher without anyone questioning his credentials, being romanced by over-sexed 'colleague' Lisa (Leslie Mann).
According to Iglesias, the crew again relied on a 12 3/4-inch drillbit and a mud motor to complete the 5,338-foot bore to Campo III.
Sheffield, Chairman and CEO, stated, "In 2012, we again delivered drillbit reserve replacement well in excess of production and achieved our targeted drillbit F&D cost of $14 to $18 per BOE for the year, despite deferring the drilling of a substantial number of vertical Spraberry locations beyond five years.
Well G6, which is located approximately 16km west of the AKD01 Doris discovery well was originally drilled in 2001 by the then contractor on the Akkulka block and was abandoned without running casing or testing following the drillbit becoming stuck in the hole, the company said.
Fairy trainer Tracy is played by Stephen Merchant, a human drillbit who is tall enough to somehow tower over Johnson.
Owen Wilson takes the title role in DRILLBIT TAYLOR (12), an ex-Marine who answers an advert placed by three geeks who are being bullied at high school.
DRILLBIT TAYLOR (12A) Owen Wilson plays a downtrodden soldier who becomes a private bodyguard to three bullied schoolboys.
DRILLBIT TAYLOR (12A, 101mins) In Steven Brill's comedy, the victims of intimidation strike back against their tormentors with a little help from a most unlikely role model: a downtrodden soldier of fortune (OwenWilson) whose bold claims that he protected "three Vice Presidents, Bobby Brown and Sylvester Stallone" are all lies.
But Drillbit soon realises his charges face a serious threat and the only way to save his pint-sized proteges is to become the hard man he pretends to be.
Refusing to live in perpetual fear, the boys hire covert mercenary Drillbit Taylor (Owen Wilson) as their private bodyguard.
Instead they hire Drillbit Taylor (Owen Wilson), a homeless veteran who is trying to raise enough money to go to Canada.
Of course, they can't pay much, which leads them to Drillbit Taylor (Owen Wilson, coasting), a homeless dude living in the bluffs over Santa Monica State Beach (the movie's lone nod to realism).
Since we would be drilling within 400 feet of the Lincoln Tunnel, it was imperative that the operator be aware at all times of the drillbit location," Klein said.
The company seeks to create value through optimizing operations and increasing production through workovers and the drillbit.
Kase Lawal, Camac Energy CEO, said, The Tano Basin offers the kind of high-reward oil prospects that we believe will enable us to build near-term value for our shareholders through the drillbit.