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a noncommissioned officer who instructs recruits in military marching and discipline

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Between the two lines of Soldiers, drill sergeants, two for each truck, gave orders for the shooters to lock and load their rifles' magazines.
If I were to quit, it would be like I'm not really the Fort Jackson Drill Sergeant of the Year.
I went to drill sergeant school before I went to my basic school for my (military occupational specialty)," she said.
THERE will be few more popular winners this weekend should Drill Sergeant or Alderley Rover, both from Donald McCain's stable, win either of the valuable Listed races at Market Rasen today.
A common cliche among training platoons now is "Lead the way, drill sergeant, and we will follow.
Drill Sergeants Goff and Washington, back in 1969, were part of that change.
Cwm-born Spinetti worked as a waiter and in factories before finding his feet as an actor, landing his role in the first Beatles' film following his success as an obnoxious drill sergeant in Oh
10pm, Film4 Richard Gere heads the cast as Zack, a man who joins a Navy Flight school and tries to deal with a no-nonsense drill sergeant, as well as an affair with a local factory worker.
In 1974 and 1976, respectively, the cases of Sergeant Leonard Matiovitch, a decorated Vietnam veteran discharged from the army, and of army reserve drill sergeant Miriam Ben-Shalom, who was denied reenlistment, gained great public attention.
Just two weeks ago, it was announced that an MP drill sergeant was named Fort Leonard Wood Drill Sergeant of the Year and another of our drill sergeants was the first runner-up.
But the only time anyone speaks is when Wise, as a drill sergeant, browbeats his recruits and hup-two-threes them through their maneuvers.
Laura (10 Stupid Things Couples Do to Mess Up Their Relationships) have the bedside manner of a drill sergeant and their prescription for success is, a bitter pill to swallow indeed.
the drill sergeant selected him for a cruel dressing-down.
One unit manager, with the persona of a marine drill sergeant, always referred to her CNAs as ladies.
TONY McCoy has ridden many winners in his career but few will have had quite as much drama as Drill Sergeant at Haydock.