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a noncommissioned officer who instructs recruits in military marching and discipline

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After a night of abuse at the hands of a drill instructor, more than one recruit has run toward that star.
The drill instructor running the whole show told Darron Thomas and Cliff Harris to remain.
The guide is the person selected by the drill instructors, to act as peer leader for his platoon.
Drill instructors are trained to work as a team and are assigned such specific roles as "the nurturer," "the heavy," "the parental figure," etc.
The final exercises at Fort Jackson forced the platoons to demonstrate all of the new-found knowledge and ability instilled in them by the drill instructors.
Smith, an author and editor with Parade magazine, provides accounts of 28 active and retired Marine drill instructors in their own words.
Lytle, senior drill instructor of Platoon 3110, India Company, 3rd Recruit Training Battalion, MCRD Parris Island.
All drill instructors were white and addressed the recruits as "you people.
When they leave the bus, visitors will hear drill instructors shouting orders from overhead, surrounding speakers.
With that in mind, the 2nd Battalion, 29th Infantry Regiment at Fort Benning was charged with developing a course to train CS and CSS drill instructors on infantry skills using these new tasks and drills as the vehicle.
The pilot scheme drafted in retired Army drill instructors to discipline disruptive pupils and persistent truants.
As with most Marine drill instructors, these four really know how to humiliate.
On March 9, 1999, a twenty-four-year-old asthmatic named Eddie Bagby was pepper-sprayed by drill instructors during his first day at the Arkansas boot camp at Wrightsville.
Drill instructors, formidable characters who have made the corps their life, do that partly by example: They are tireless, and their dedication to the Marines is bottomless.
God help us if our drill instructors caught us, but gentleness was rare and we were very much in need of gentleness on Parris Island, so together we would read those gentle letters.