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masses of ice floating in the open sea

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probabilistic characteristics of the parameters of ice regime and drifting ice features;
All told, though, there's very little water locked up in the drifting ice crystals," said co-author Peter Smith, principal investigator for the Phoenix mission and a planetary scientist at the University of Arizona, Tucson.
Each work is organized around a single diagonal divide, an architectural fault line that causes otherwise solid structures to slip past one another like drifting ice floes.
Along with decimating ecosystems, drifting ice shelves and warmer temperatures that will cause further melting ice pose a hazard to populated shipping routes in the Arctic region, a phenomenon that was addressed by Stephen Harper, Canada's prime minister.
ENDURANCE:Shackleton's Incredible Voyage | ALFRED LANSING (1959): When Sir Ernest Shackleton's ship, the Endurance, was crushed by ice during a 1914 Antarctic expedition, Shackleton and his crew survived on drifting ice packs for five months until they were able to escape in a lifeboat.
The North Pole Marathon, first held in 2002, is run on four-metre-thick drifting ice floes between 89N and 90N in the high Arctic Ocean.
Igloolik's walrus hunters face similar perils, as a sudden shift in the wind direction from the south/southeast to the north/northwest on an outgoing tide would strand them on drifting ice.
It will be surrounded by breakwaters as protection against drifting ice.
BRITISH explorer Pen Hadow was still stranded on drifting ice in the Arctic Ocean last night after setting a solo trekking record to the North Pole.
A BRITISH explorer was facing another 24 hours stranded on the drifting ice of the Arctic Ocean today.
The drifting ice was pushing the 33-year-old back faster than he could walk,forcing him into the heart-breaking decision to call in his rescue team.
This compromise plan would return the Danube to its natural riverbed, redesign the Gabcikovo dam to withstand earthquakes and allow shipping during drifting ice conditions.
Global warming was the last thing on the minds of researchers who began probing the Arctic in 1937, when Soviet scientists spent nine months living in an eiderdown tent on a drifting ice floe.
They will live aboard the ice bound laboratory, an ice breaker frozen into the drifting ice pack, for 14 months.