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wood that is floating or that has been washed ashore

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Wanchese bowl is a monstrosity of trannies, drift wood and screws.
Her Droopys Woods offspring include Drift Wood, Essex Girl, Terrorbasha Lass and Well Kept Secret, all open winners over mainly staying trips.
The usual season of 'consolidation' followed before he was really able to start building his own team, clearing out the old stagers and more drift wood than dead wood, and bringing in fresh young blood at the start of a three year plan which, to be absolutely fair, has gone slightly off track with the sale of the club's star player.
Nexus's ferry engineers worked round the clock to get Pride of the Tyne working in time for the event after it struck a piece of drift wood and damaged its propulsion system.
also wet, in a cove scercely large enough to contain us, our baggage in a small holler about 1/2 a mile from us, and canoes at the mercy of the waves & drift wood.
When it was not too busy and the weather was nice and breezy she and I would gather drift wood that had floated down the Yukon River and washed up on the bank.
Rustig Drift wood mirrors, from pounds 140, Models Own (01803 835 842)
The wind chime includes colored beads, buttons and yarn, all tethered to an old piece of drift wood.
At the other end of the world in the Arctic, children with the British Schools Expeditionary Society lit a beacon made of drift wood on a beach at Svalbord.
Tons of natural light flood into the room, which is adorned with drift wood, net and tasteful furniture.
To assemble the project, students hung the petroglyphs from sticks or pieces of drift wood using strips of leather.
Upon arrival, you'll be shown to your individually designed room, with coffered ceilings, handsome dark wood floors, and custom-made drift wood furniture.
incorporating organic elements such as succulents, drift wood, lotus pods and wheatgrass