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a cube of evaporated seasoned meat extract

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Quite how dried soup can fit into the first category is beyond me, but the second section is defined as buying more of the stuff .
As for dried soups, if you like Indian spicing, pick up Fantastic Foods Couscous with Lentils or Safeway Enlighten Couscous Lentil.
Unilever's venture into dried soup was a retaliatory launch, said Symington's marketing manager David Cherrie.
However, Batchelors also produced dried soups with among the lowest salt content.
Contains information on four categories: canned soup, dried soup, chilled soup and frozen soup.
In India, dried soup is the only soup segment which has market penetration.
The survey looked at the salt content in the canned, fresh/chilled and dried soup categories and revealed that not only is there wide variation within each category but there is also wide variation within each flavour.
Contains information on two categories: canned soup and dried soup.
The dried soup category led the soup market in Eastern Europe, accounting for a share of 57.
Contains information on five categories: canned soup, dried soup, UHT soup, chilled soup and frozen soup.
Dried soup rival Batchelors reformulated its Cup a Soup brand with new flavours using noodles and pasta and revamped Slim a Soup to capitalise on the New Year dieting period.
Watch out for most brands of frozen dinners or pizza, processed meat (like hot dogs or bacon), processed (American-style) cheese, canned or dried soup, salad dressing, canned meats, beans, or vegetables, tomato sauce, restaurant and fast food, and.
Contains information on 5 categories: Dried soup, Canned soup, Chilled Soup, Frozen soup and UHT Soup
It plans to blitz consumers with a new range of must-have products, turning the stalwart dried soup and stock cube brand into a burgeoning range which could eventually include complete ready meals.
Just as canned soup used to mean Campbell's, dried soup used to mean Lipton's.