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Synonyms for prune

Synonyms for prune

to decrease, as in length or amount, by or as if by severing or excising

Synonyms for prune

dried plum

Related Words

cultivate, tend, and cut back the growth of

weed out unwanted or unnecessary things

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Through our research, we were able to show that dried plums promote retention of beneficial bacteria throughout the colon, and by doing so they may reduce the risk of colon cancer," said Dr.
People could start eating two to three dried plums per day and increase gradually to perhaps six to 10 per day.
California prune growers (or dried plums as they're sometimes known in the United States) are anticipating a reduced crop in 2013, driven by reduced yields in their orchards following two consecutive years with strong crops.
Comparative effects of dried plum and dried apple on bone in postmenopausal women.
If you heat and reheat the hamburger with the dried plum extract, it will still be moist and juicy.
Our steam tunnel runs at 210[degrees]F and we want to better understand these temperature conditions to see if there are correlations of improved pitting and moistures for all dried plum sizes," explains Creasy.
Our favorite flavor is Li Ling mui, an Asian--influenced blend of dried plum sugar, salt, and HSG.
The cooperative represents more than one third of the dried plum market worldwide.
Research by Bernard Halloran, PhD, San Francisco Veterans Administration Medical Center, discovered that adiet incorporating powdered dried plum restored bone lost by mice (equivalent to middle-aged and 60-70 year-old people) during the course of normal aging.
About The California Dried Plum Board (CDPB): The CDPB represents 900 dried plum growers and 26 dried plum packers under the authority of the California Secretary of Food and Agriculture.
A trial was designed involving one-hundred sixty qualified postmenopausal from the greater Tallahassee, FL, area during 2007-2009 who were randomly assigned to one of two groups: dried apple (75 g/day) or dried plum (comparative control).
Raptor's performance on the dried plum line has been so good, we decided to install another Raptor sorter on our raisin line.
The study investigating the effects of prunes on bone-density is being funded by USDA and in part by the California Dried Plum Board.
Known to be high in antioxidants, Acai features a bittersweet berry aroma and lightly tart berry and dried plum flavor with earthy undertones, according to Monin.
It's too early to forecast the 2006 California dried plum crop, which will be harvested in September.