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Synonyms for dressing

Synonyms for dressing

a mixture of seasoned ingredients used to stuff meats and vegetables

making fertile as by applying fertilizer or manure

processes in the conversion of rough hides into leather

Related Words

the activity of getting dressed

the act of applying a bandage

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In the standard dressing group, the bandage was removed for wound evaluation on the second day following surgery, and the dressing was changed every other day during the hospital stay or as needed for wound drainage or other minor wound-healing concerns.
The market information includes the total market size for medical dressings as well as the market size and trends for Adhesive medical dressings and Other medical dressings.
Agicoat antibacterial dressing is a dressing with a single layer coating of silver nanocrystals.
If you're not a fan of vinegar, salad dressings can be your nemesis.
Shapes are easy-to-use, precut dressings that enable healthcare professionals to choose the best fitting dressing for each particular wound.
Add dressing mixture to potato mixture and stir well with a wooden spoon to combine.
The researchers then stored the dressings under various conditions, including 37 degrees Celsius (accelerated storage) for six weeks and 23 degrees Celsius and 4 degrees Celsius for one year, followed by an evaluation of their oxidative stability.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its new chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) transparent film dressing, known as BeneHold CHG Transparent Film Dressing.
Amar is confident that this Light Salad Dressing will be a hit with shoppers as it retains the exceptional flavour of Mary Berry's best-selling Salad Dressing while halving the fat content.
For wet-to-dry gauze dressings, used typically in debridement of wound beds, normal saline is used moisten the gauze, which is then covered with dry gauze or other dressings.
The majority, 52%, of dressings were applied to wounds located on patient's extremities while 43% were applied to wounds located on the chest (trunk) and abdomen.
Most salad dressings are low in saturated fat (no more than 1 gram in a two-tablespoon serving) and are free of trans fat.
Many salad dressings which at first sight appear healthy contain excessively high calories which could hamper healthy eating and curb weight loss.
Carotenoid bioavailability is higher from salads ingested with full-fat than with fat-reduced salad dressings as measured with electrochemical detection.
based Annie's Naturals' line of organic salad dressings for kids.