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I love girly dress-ups -- have done ever since I was a kid -- so for me it was perfect.
How about if we go downstairs and make cocoa and pancakes, and watch a movie, then get dressed, then go outside, then put on our bathing suits, then go swimming, then go ride the merry-go-round, then eat pizza and ice cream, then play the three little pigs and dress-ups, then take a bubble bath, then go to bed?
Because apparently God takes a very keen interest in deciding which multi-millionaire should receive a made-up award for playing dress-ups.
We have one in Providence," Breagy said, "and you should see some of the dress-ups.
The 66-year-old actress, who plays dress-ups in the special Diamond Jubilee edition of Woman and Home magazine, said that if she ever got to rule the country for real, her actions would rather be frivolous.
And from the moment the lights went down and the rock beat started up, the young audience - many of whom donned their favourite Disney dress-ups for the occasion - were mesmerized, including my own two little Buzz fans, aged two and five.
Visitors of all ages are encouraged to linger as they browse through the independent publisher's collection of more than 400 titles, in addition to puppets, puzzles, games, dress-ups, and more.