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a city in southeastern Germany on the Elbe River

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She is studying art in Dresden, and has nowhere literally to go for Christmas.
The Raphael in the Dresden gallery (the only greatly affecting picture which I have seen) is the quietest and most passionless piece you can imagine; a couple of saints who worship the Virgin and Child.
You all patter French more or less, and perhaps German; you have seen men and cities, no doubt, and have your opinions, such as they are, about schools of painting, high art, and all that; have seen the pictures of Dresden and the Louvre, and know the taste of sour krout.
She was like a bit of Dresden china, and I was continually impressed with what I may call her fragility.
She said in the coach yesterday that her pianist had fallen ill at Dresden.
Crisparkle's sister, another piece of Dresden china, and matching her so neatly that they would have made a delightful pair of ornaments for the two ends of any capacious old-fashioned chimneypiece, and by right should never have been seen apart, was the childless wife of a clergyman holding Corporation preferment in London City.
Her people are German, she has been to school in Dresden, and is on her way out alone.
On my right hand and on my left, as I stood inside the door, were chiffoniers and little stands in buhl and marquetterie, loaded with figures in Dresden china, with rare vases, ivory ornaments, and toys and curiosities that sparkled at all points with gold, silver, and precious stones.
He had been made known to her at Zurich, where he had broken his journey while on his way from Dresden.
It was in vain for him to bring Mr Merdle to Lord Decimus to tell him the history of the unique Dresden vases.
Among its strengths are the multi-institute research activities in the Dresden region.
It is an expression of the special networking of strong partners from science and culture with the goal of making the excellence of Dresden research internationally visible.
A host of events are tak-taking place in Dresden, which was the historic capital of Saxony, to commemorate the tragic raid which saw 4,000 tons of high explosives and incendiary bombs create a firestorm which consumed 90 per cent of the city.
To ease entrance into the world of ZigBee with the RaspBee add-on, dresden elektronik has developed several free software packets for Raspberry Pi.