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a barge (or a vessel resembling a barge) that is used for dredging

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Presently, the LAWDA has two dredgers and four harvesters.
It is now in place and the dredger will lock it in place in the river bed
She is the Dutch suction dredger Beverwijk 30 which careered onto the rocks on the seaward side of the pier after losing contact with her tug.
The spokesman added that the Mersey Mariner grab dredger would be retained for in-dock dredging.
Dredging Sales: CS is also delighted to announce the worldwide sales and distribution of the only fully road transportable cutter suction dredgers to be manufactured in the United Kingdom to a developing network of outlets worldwide.
The total number of Egyptian workers on the two winning dredgers reached merely 20 laborers, besides to other Egyptian and foreign engineers, the sources added, noting that the contract between the authority and the coalition will be signed Oct.
Officials observed a fleet of dredgers for almost a week.
The cooperation renders users across the world with technical assistance from J2 Subsea, and global availability to the WeSubsea scope of baskets, dredgers and tooling, accessible for rental and sale.
An Acteon firm, J2 Subsea and WeSubsea have extended global sales and rental distribution partnership, which offers clients globally technical support from J2 Subsea, and global access to the WeSubsea range of baskets, dredgers and tooling, available for rental and sale.
The collaboration offers customers around the world with technical support from J2 Subsea, and global access to the WeSubsea range of baskets, dredgers and tooling, available for rental and sale.
One of the world s largest non self-propelled cutter dredger vessels, which is also one of the largest of all cutter dredgers in the world with 5200 kW of cutter power, will feature Wartsila engines, both to generate power and to drive the dredging pump.
Making it one of the most technically advanced dredgers ever to be received by Sri Lanka, Sayuru, which has modern navigation and radio equipment, would strengthen the dredging capacity of Ceylon Fisheries and Harbour Corporation by fulfilling the demand for maintaining the operational depth of fishery harbors and ensuring unhindered fishing.
Damen Shipyards Group standardly has a spares-stock available in Nigeria for standard dredgers such as the CSD500.
As bucket dredgers are typically not self-propelled they are held in place with a number of anchors and can change their position by pulling on the anchors.
The CSL is hoping to enter into the businesses of LNG carriers and dredgers in the short and medium term.