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a pleasing country existing only in dreams or imagination

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They have to enter even deeper into the dream world, ignoring other dreams behind closed doors, to reach Tommy's particular dream and his lost toy dog.
Haq Parast elected representatives of the provincial assembly has advised Manzor Wasan to learn the art to see true dreams and come out of the dream world.
To chase down this new foe and rescue Princess Peach, Mario must enter this Dream World through the dreams of a sleeping Luigi, whose brain is revealed to be on a wavelength with the population of Pi'illo Island, the Pi'illo Folk.
The text introduces each dream world and the illustrations echo that theme.
IN THE NIGHT GARDEN, Metrocentre, until May 21 THE yellow section of the Metrocentre car park is the last place you would expect to find a magical dream world.
Webber added: "In a dream world, he would end up in the three-mile race [RSA Chase] at Cheltenham in March.
It's about where our everyday lives meet the other world, what some people would call the dream world, and there's also a circus feel to it.
Dubai has become the watchword for all things new, glittering and very bling--a billionaire's dream world and a haven for international expatriates promising a fantasy land of tax-free fun, sun and sin.
INSTANT WALL ART: A fun and affordable way to create a dream world for the kids.
A chance to see the 1966 Moscow production by Bolshoi Ballet director Yuri Grigorovich of the popular ballet about a girl swept away to a magical dream world.
CHRIS Pennell admits that it's time to snap out of his Sixways dream world and start performing.
She's also drawn to a Christian Iraqi news photographer (Mido Hamada), and spends a lot of time tremulously puttering between his danger-filled world and the Oz-like dream world of the safer Green Zone.
It's so surreal, I kind of feel like I'm in a dream world.
Dream World Tales is the first in a series featuring 14-year-old Jerome Thomas, also known as Happy Jack.