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battleship that has big guns all of the same caliber

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The Columbias and Dreadnoughts are expected to start entering service in the late 2020s and phase out the older models.
It was also one of a new generation of dreadnoughts, which out-gunned all previous warships.
Desired Tone: Heavier-gauge strings will accentuate your guitar's bass register producing the deep and strong tones that dreadnoughts are prized for.
Prior to the October revolution, however, the Dreadnoughts cartoons were expressing frustration at the creeping divisions, amongst the antiwar Zimmerwald movement and its International Socialist Commission, over an all party congress in Stockholm called by the Menshevik-led Petrograd Soviet.
Dreadnoughts also frequently carried torpedo tubes.
Neville had been very involved in getting their campaign for dreadnoughts going around the slogan 'We want eight and we won't wait.
Dreadnoughts were the giant battleships of 100 years ago, but the term is used today to indicate something that is large and powerful.
On 22 November 1910, Afro-Brazilian sailors on board the dreadnoughts Minas Geraes and Sao Paulo, very recently acquired by the Brazilian navy, mutinied and took control of the ships in Rio de Janeiro's harbour to demand an end to corporal punishment.
The latest dreadnoughts were faster and heavier, and a new class of ships--the 'super-dreadnoughts' which would be 'twice as big and twice as powerful as their progenitor'--were already under construction.
The cars were known as Dreadnoughts and this one remained in service until the local trams were replaced by trolleybuses in 1936.
Dreadnoughts, airplanes, and nuclear submarines all brought disruptive change.
When the HMS Dreadnought first entered British naval service in 1906, she was by no means the first to bear that name, but in recognition of the technological revolution the ship represented and its impact on naval history an entire class of ship came to be known as Dreadnoughts, although the iconic status of the Dreadnought reached well into spheres beyond naval technology and strategy.
Dorothy Haigh and the Dreadnoughts raised lots of money for troops fighting overseas, including her brother Jack who was serving in Burma.
You'll see plenty of Dreadnoughts where you're going" said Willy Fisher.