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battleship that has big guns all of the same caliber

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Neville had been very involved in getting their campaign for dreadnoughts going around the slogan 'We want eight and we won't wait.
Dreadnoughts were the giant battleships of 100 years ago, but the term is used today to indicate something that is large and powerful.
On 22 November 1910, Afro-Brazilian sailors on board the dreadnoughts Minas Geraes and Sao Paulo, very recently acquired by the Brazilian navy, mutinied and took control of the ships in Rio de Janeiro's harbour to demand an end to corporal punishment.
When the HMS Dreadnought first entered British naval service in 1906, she was by no means the first to bear that name, but in recognition of the technological revolution the ship represented and its impact on naval history an entire class of ship came to be known as Dreadnoughts, although the iconic status of the Dreadnought reached well into spheres beyond naval technology and strategy.
1) The 1936-'39 Martin D-45 ($320,000 to $400,000) - Vintage Martin dreadnoughts are considered the pinnacle of steel-string acoustics, and those given the Style 45 details are the top of the line.
These tennis dreadnoughts are both capable of inflicting straightsets victories over opponents, but when two huge forces come together something has to give.
In the wake of the war, more defense dollars were flowing to the construction of dreadnoughts than to aircraft technology and Mitchell talked his way into being allowed to introduce aircraft into war games that were using captured German battle cruisers.
Their home in Strand Hill estate, the nearby Dreadnoughts GAA grounds and the bank remained sealed off yesterday for technical examinations.
In 1907 Brazil ordered two dreadnoughts, one from Armstrong's on the Tyne and the other from Vickers in Barrow, which, when completed, were the largest and most powerful in the world.
The Royal Naval Museum in Portsmouth, Hampshire, has invited Mr Justice Smith to attend an exhibition being launched this weekend celebrating the judge's hero Admiral Fisher and the Dreadnoughts he built.
Not so long ago there was a fatality caused by one of these Land Dreadnoughts close to Cerrigydrudion on the A5.
Leaving the green and going down out through the gatehouse, you turn back and look at the grey zinc roofs of what at first evokes a strange notion of the Grand Fleet with two squadrons of Dreadnoughts sailing in line astern to make a pincer movement on the Kriegsmarine.
The first and last great confrontation of dreadnoughts, Jutland brought home the fact that technology had accelerated, that navies were vulnerable to defeat "in an afternoon" it found deficient in armor, gunnery, or flash protection.
But by then Britain had 18 of the new battleships with names like HMS Belleraphon and HMS Invincible but always called Dreadnoughts.