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Synonyms for drawbridge

a bridge that can be raised to block passage or to allow boats or ships to pass beneath it


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This might make it nigh impossible to pull up the Vatican draw-bridge in the future and heap all the blame for gross misdeeds on local bishops.
With five towers, a moat and draw-bridge, a frescoed chapel, a torture chamber, and gargoyles, the medieval Castello di Amorosa is the stuff of Hollywood.
Driving over a draw-bridge to enter the city, the narrow cobbled streets and old-world buildings are simply gorgeous.
The design was based on the idea that every man's home is his castle and had rampart style hedge, a draw-bridge and cannon.
The draw-bridge of self-respect, which has been buckling under the pressure of tittle-tattle masquerading as political memoir, has finally crashed open to allow any peevish minister or opportunistic MP to hawk their gossip around the public arena.