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a skilled worker who draws plans of buildings or machines

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The new intake includes four welders, four platers, two riggers, a quantity surveyor and a draughtsperson.
Unless the author happens to be a skilled draughtsperson and an equally skilled photographer, the cost of adequately illustrating a book far exceeds the likely royalties--especially if they have to make use of photographs from a museum collection.
Retired draughtsperson Margaret Sleith and friend Pearl McConkey of Saintfield, Co Down visited the Cutters Wharf on Belfast's Stranmillis Embankment to sample the cuisine.
An untrained draughtsperson sees their subject as an entire thing--a chair, a ball, a hand--and commits a visual representation of the entire thing to paper.
The designer(s) and draughtspersons (now operating in a CAD environment) can not complete this core design work in isolation; they must work within an overall 'design process' which starts and ends with the customer (internal or external) and almost literally takes the product from cradle to grave.