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beer drawn from a keg


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The Switch" reinforces Heineken's commitment to draught beer and provides viewers with a closer look at how a perfectly crafted beer can turn a night from lifeless to legendary.
The brand is always looking for ways to showcase the proper way to pour a Heineken draught beer as we want to ensure that our consumers are enjoying the rich taste of our beer the way it is intended.
Among the measures being discussed by the National Weights and Measures Laboratory are two-thirds of a pint of draught beer or cider.
He added: "We are also consulting over specific proposals from the pub and restaurant industries on the introduction of measures for alcohol, including smaller measures of wine for sampling and a new imperial measure for draught beer and cider.
The consultation will consider introducing two-thirds of a pint of draught beer or cider alongside the the more normal measures.
Mike and Becky, who both hail from Tonbridge, Kent, have been at the Buckingham for four years and have built on the pub's reputation as one of the best draught beer houses in London.
Participating properties will offer a minimum of four draught beers and a selection of up to 20 bottled beers, including imports representing Belgium, Germany, England and the Czech Republic, as well as regional craft beers.