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These looked good apart from the Drambuie Dream, which had an unhealthy, wet appearance.
In addition to Courvoisier and Drambuie, Tia Maria has played a major role in developing the Thomas Lowrides & Co business during 1997.
The father/son team of Paul and Mark Nemschoff in Tommy Bahama led Drambuie for much of the 94.
He joined the Drambuie board in 2004 and is credited with returning the brand to profitability.
The brand has been absent from TV screens for 10 years and the ad for the parent brand shows a scene at a party where a couple decide to remain after hearing Drambuie liqueur being poured over ice.
A spokesman for Drambuie would only say: "It was resolved to mutual satisfaction.
Of course, the quality and service we get from New Millennium is a factor, but even more importantly, our national sponsors like Drambuie Liquor Co.
Four risque executions make up an outdoor and press campaign for new Drambuie Cream liqueur.
Even if it sounds like a bit of a cheat, the combination of fresh oranges and Drambuie is just lipsmacking.
At the end of the first day of racing, Drambuie on Ice/Montano Hartman Motor Sports, driven by Hugh Fuller of Clearwater, Fla.
RETAIL tycoon George Davis is fighting a drink driving rap by claiming he only took a swig of Drambuie to wash down headache pills.
Drambuie is also using its liqueur credentials to launch into the cream category.
He was also due to renegotiate a deal with Drambuie and other companies were making lucrative offers which could have been worth pounds 250,000.
and John Tomlinson of Miami, in Drambuie On Ice/Montano Hartman Motor Sports, were awarded first place in the largest and most powerful class in Offshore racing and Spirit of Puerto Rico was dropped from first to second following a one-minute penalty involving an overtaking violation.
150g fine brown breadcrumbs 120g soft light brown sugar 25g self-raising wholemeal flour 120g fresh butter, plus extra for greasing the bowl 8tbsp well-flavoured coarse-cut marmalade 3 large eggs 1 rounded tsp bicarbonate of soda, plus 1 tsp water to mix For the Drambuie cream 250ml thick double cream 25ml Drambuie liqueur Method: Butter a 3 pint pudding basin well.