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Synonyms for dramatist


Synonyms for dramatist

someone who writes plays


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There was a dramatist whose name of late had been much heard at Heidelberg, and the winter before one of his plays had been given at the theatre amid the cheers of adherents and the hisses of decent people.
A flush of colour sprang to Holmes's pale cheeks, and he bowed to us like the master dramatist who receives the homage of his audience.
Probably no dramatist ever needed the stage less, and none ever brought more to it.
Or, failing to do this, she might accidentally reveal some event in her own experience which, acting as a hint to a competent dramatist, might prove to be the making of a play.
There's nothing easier than that,' said Mr Lenville, observing the disturbed looks of the young dramatist.
Watson insists that I am the dramatist in real life," said he.
Roche contends that Synge ghosts the writing tables of other Irish dramatists from Stewart Parker to Brian Friel; the latter drawing on 'Synge as a profound theatrical resource'.
NEW YORK -- The Dramatists Guild Fund has awarded $170,000 to dozens of nonprofit theaters across the country, from the firmly established Soho Repertory Theatre in New York City to the young Mo'olelo Performing Arts Company in San Diego.
Along with the staged drama, there will be a discussion "Mae West: Sex, Censorship, Prison, and Politics" by LindaAnn Loschiavo, a member of the Dramatists Guild of America, who was commissioned to write the cover story for the summer issue of The Dramatist.
African American women playwrights confront violence; a critical study of nine dramatists.
The development of theatrical activities would have been slow, dramatists say, because society was unwilling to accept this kind of work easily.
The Festival presented variety of British contemporary shows and held a number of meetings to provide opportunities of opinions, experiments and knowledge among dramatists from different parts of the world.
Guwahati, May 11 (ANI): A group of 2,500 young dramatists plan to hold 1,000 shows of a play based on class discrimination on a single day in Guwahati.
NO writer was adjudged worthy of the drama medal, the National Eisteddfod's main prize for dramatists.
It is a monumental example of scholarly retrieval and evaluation that should provide an indispensable starting point for future researchers and every page is full of finely nuanced criticism and fresh insight into approaches to the war from both contemporary and subsequent dramatists.