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Synonyms for suspense

Words related to suspense

apprehension about what is going to happen

an uncertain cognitive state

excited anticipation of an approaching climax

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This time, the stakes are even higher--the repopulation of the planet--but the dramatic tension considerably less, in a movie that feels stranded somewhere between serious artistic ambition and the dystopian franchise-building of "The Hunger Games," "Divergent," et al.
This film transforms static archery into an intense duel by combining dramatic tension with Apocalypto.
In Act I, Scarpia's musings and the climactic Te Deum were slow and lacked dramatic tension.
The story is infused with dramatic tension once Olivia is hypnotized, and the tension is held until the end of the book.
By presenting this scene at the very beginning of the play, the Court production amps up the dramatic tension from the outset.
The critics said that the film exposes the ideas away from preaching and in a painful clarity with a touch of sarcasm and in an atmosphere of an extremely dramatic tension where the film eventually transforms into a scene of terror and horror that penetrates fantasy as well as the realm of reality.
It's a good production for students because it is about exactly the age group that populates the senior end of school and the dramatic tension is focused on what it is to be young.
Disappointingly however, it lacks the detailed characters and dramatic tension.
Disappointingly, Fleischer's film lacks the finely detailed characters and dramatic tension of Brian De Palma's Prohibition-era drama.
The staging is slick but the obligatory dramatic tension in the second act (Chris's pursuit of fame, her failing business) feels more like a way to pass the time.
With just the right amount of dramatic tension for its target audience, and with a satisfying and justified conclusion, this tale emphasizes the love and security within this unconventional family, in which some sort of mad logic prevails, even amid the apparent chaos.
The drums and snake-like rattles from the orchestra also contributed to the dramatic tension and foreboding.
Based on a true story that took place in 1996, the film builds dramatic tension as the peace-loving monks are increasingly threatened with violence despite their open-handed benevolence, including regular medical assistance to local villagers in need.
The tale of Vacher's crime spree is written with the dramatic tension of a good novel and the impeccable detail of a well-researched history.