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As well as an overall format, however, the Tarot had suggested a use of dramatic personae like Leopard or poor love that gave me new dimensions to play with.
Miller acknowledges his indebtedness to Ibsen whose dramatic personae grapple with forces that are initially psychological and sociological and that eventually develop into metaphysical challenges.
It is that ambivalence Vr that sparked early criticism of Kennedy's work t because black dramatic personae weren't supposed to be confused about their blackness, especially in the 1960s.
Collections such as Dramatic Pieces, Dramatic Personae and The Ring and the Book could provide multiple instances of the poet's experiment with the dramatic, in addition to revealing a steady movement in that direction.
The usual blockbuster summer fare, known as "Woman as Afterthought Film Festival," features the entry The Phantom Menace (the Lucas film, not NATO), where Natalie Portman's dramatic personae is her hairdo.