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This international co-production provided an opportunity to broadcast a major TV drama documentary from a pan-European perspective.
I really enjoyed working on T James Jones' script," added the actor, who also portrayed the rugby coach Carwyn James in another S4C drama documentary written by T James Jones.
Among programmes broadcast from tonight there will be an opportunity to enjoy a new drama documentary Afal Drwg Adda (Adam's Bad Apple), culture show Pethe and the film of Un Nos Ola Leuad.
This drama documentary, with Ed Stoppard as Turing and Henry Goodman as psychiatrist Dr Franz Greenbaum, charts his incredible mind and tragic downfall.
Katy Jones, TV producer and factual producer on Jimmy McGovern's drama documentary, "Hillsborough".
The film, which won Best Drama Documentary in the 2007 Grierson Awards, shows a fictional court case of a man standing trial for rape and, after listening to all the evidence, lets the audience make up their own minds on the verdict.
With the aid of archive footage this drama documentary focuses on the almost impossible task that faced the Allied troops as they struggled to bring medical aid to the survivors.
ITV Wales' The Aberfan Disaster, which took a hard-hitting look at the tragedy, has been nominated for best drama documentary.
THE BBC drama documentary series Ancient Rome - although magnificently made - was fatally flawed by a bizarre running order.
And the drama documentary claims to uncover fresh startling evidence of a plot to overthrow Wilson in a military coup.
To mark the 60th anniversary, a team of BBC researchers have talked to some of the survivors to learn their extraordinary experiences, retold in the drama documentary Hiroshima (BBC1, Sunday).
Essex boy Jimmy Doherty is the star of new drama documentary Jimmy's Farm (Wednesday, BBC2, 9pm) which sees him borrowing pounds 55,000 in an attempt to breed rare porkers despite having no experience.
I thought Jimmy McGovern was fantastic and he has supported us since the drama documentary.
WARRINGTON''S Pete Postlethwaite stars as an elderly man living in the nightmarish, post-apocalyptic world of 2055, in the premire of this drama documentary which was first released in cinemas in March of this year.
Starring Daniel Lapaine (Hotel Babylon, Muriel's Wedding) as Neil Armstrong, James Marsters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Smallville) as Buzz Aldrin and Andrew Lincoln (Afterlife, Teachers) as Michael Collins, this drama documentary weaves the story of the men who undertook the mission with HD Nasa footage of Apollo 11 to bring together a unique testimony of this historic event.