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English explorer and admiral who was the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe and who helped to defeat the Spanish Armada (1540-1596)

adult male of a wild or domestic duck

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As suggested by Becker and Drake (1993), the plan should consist of five sections: client's vocational goals, his/her related strengths and weaknesses, objectives enabling the client to meet his/her goals, the type of support the client wants from the employment specialist, and people/services/supports that will help the client achieve the objectives.
The first part of the book focuses on the reading notebooks (commonplace books) Drake produced between 1627 and the mid-1640s, the second upon his diary (principally from the 1630s), and the third upon another group of notebooks from the 1640s and 1650s.
Drake internal and external thread grinders, internal bore grinders, and, most recently, hobbing machines have proven themselves in the automotive, cutting tool, and precision manufacturing industries to be reliable and cost effective performers.
The current (moving water) is fast, but Drake is faster.
It was not just the simplicity of such systems which appealed to Drake but also what they implied: here was a building process which could provide, at minimum cost, a high-quality living environment even an egalitarian architecture.
Early Spanish accounts and poetry celebrating the action at San Juan de Ulua in Mexico in 1568, in which Drake captained the Judith, make no mention of him, though later his self-proclaimed campaign of vengeance against Philip II's viceroy, Martin Enriquez, whose treachery he blamed for John Hawkins' defeat and losses in the battle, became famous.
Describing his current product line, Drake says "We manufacture the sort of parts that either rust, wear out or get lost over time.
Selecting a piece of jewelry should be a very personal experience that revolves around the customer's personality, style and physique," said Drake of his approach to Craiger Drake Designs.
Drake denied the allegation, though the two apparently hooked up after he split from Jennifer Lopez, TMZ wrote at the time.
Owned by Steve Drake, Drake & Company serves as the headquarters and staff of the National Christmas Tree Association (NCTA) and six other national associations.
A first-time Oscar nominee for ``Vera Drake,'' Staunton lost the Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globe awards to ``Million Dollar Baby's'' Hilary Swank, but she came back to win the just-announced British Independent Film Award, a ceremony she was forced to miss.
Drake and Righter have determined that the isotope profile of near-surface osmium closely matches that in ordinary chondrites--a type of meteorite that's bone-dry.
The two reportedly are claiming that Drake made a sexual pass at one of them.
Both offices will monitor macro economic and political situations, thus providing Drake with strategic local and regional intelligence.
Drake caused quite a stir on Monday night when he arrived at the NBA Awards with a certain lady on his arm.