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a pipe through which liquid is carried away

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Mudpiping" is when youths use a pipe - such as a stolen drainpipe - to sling mud at passing vehicles or properties and the act can have serious consequences.
She was very cross indeed and we were ordered back on to the lawn amid the drainpipes.
A simple drainpipe elbow and PVC pipe can divert water away from the home's foundation or low lying areas of the yard where flooding is most problematic.
We can make limbs from drainpipe material for PS30 and provide them free to those in need.
She is buried next to her parents in the chancel of nearby Holy Trinity Church, which also had lead drainpipes worth pounds 6,000 stolen days before the Hall's Croft theft was reported to police during November.
If this doesn't work, try using a 'plumber's auger' inserted into the drainpipes to loosen and pull or push out the debris.
Maybe he still yearns for the good old days and those smelly drainpipes.
The patterned drainpipes at Berwick Parish Church were dismantled and taken by thieves in a night-time raid.
7 Stir International PVC-u drainpipe and gutter paint with a stick to ensure an even colour and finish.
Resist the temptation to save a few bucks by reusing the old drainpipes.
He used it to smash the windows of a minibus in East Field before cracking drainpipes on eight houses in Spen Street.
Skinny jeans, also known as drainpipes, slimjims or cigarette pants, have roots that stretch back to the 1950s and 1960s, and have been the jean of choice for many edgy stars and music cultures.
As you build your system of drainpipes, secure them every 4 to 6 feet with wooden blocks and flexible metal straps.
On the exterior, drainpipes become aesthetic objects in their own right.
Utilitarian details such as eaves, gutters or drainpipes do not impinge on the spooky purity of the abstract volumes.