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a system of watercourses or drains for carrying off excess water

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Of particular interest is a radial drainage pattern suggestive of a buried intrusive centre cut by with the major northwest Kelinjau Trend.
A culvert in front of the property and existing drainage patterns would have to be protected, according to a report by Alex Donn, Development Engineering Reviewer.
The drainage surfaces generated using the regression-tree (RT) approach aligned well with expected landscape drainage patterns, known soil profile classes, and visual field indicators, and produced acceptable statistical agreement with independent qualitative validation data.
The goal of the proposed method is to use an unsupervised classification approach (SOM) to select objects in two different drainage patterns (dendritic pattern and modified basic pattern composed of mostly trellis and partially rectangular), which should be present in the target scale.
Extensive dendritic drainage patterns, seen towards the north of the first and topographic images, were formed when liquid water drained into deeper regions within the area.
The drainage patterns of the study area are directly extracted from the DEM of study area, which is used in cross operation with extracted lineament maps of study area.
The proposal reinforces existing drainage patterns to create a new 'patch ecology' that merges with the existing creeks and campus woodlands.
It follows that upstream private landowners are frequently unable to even contemplate attempting to persuade a multiplicity of downstream landowners to voluntarily grant express easements for drainage, even if this only requires formalizing drainage patterns that have existed for decades.
Since every site varies, the first step toward managing water on your site should always include a thorough property analysis to identify solar orientation, soils, drainage patterns, topography (to determine the slope of the landscape), and information regarding the natural resources, including flora and fauna, of a site.
In this context, monitoring and understanding the role of soil and landscape attributes in affecting subsurface drainage patterns can help mitigate N[O.
Excavation or any action that disturbs surface and subsurface soil formations has the potential to disrupt the environmental balance in several ways, including allowing stormwater runoff to enter drainage systems, rivers and streams, and altering natural drainage patterns.
A special experiment was also conducted to evaluate liquid water and capillary drainage patterns in a window/wall assembly with a leak under a plastic sill pan flashing.
Some have suggested the corps made mistakes managing the water as it tested the just-completed repairs to the dam; others wonder if changes some of their neighbors have made to drainage patterns are sending more water into yards downstream.
According to FEMA, many of the nation's flood maps are more than 10 years old and no longer reflect current flood hazard risks because of erosion and changes in drainage patterns.