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a system of watercourses or drains for carrying off excess water

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Watershed analysis requires detail information of topography, drainage pattern, morphometric parameters, and geological setting of the study area [6].
Extraction of Drainage Pattern from ASTER and SRTM Data for a River Basin using GIS Tools: International Conference on Environment, Energy and Biotechnology, Singapore, 33.
Qualitatively, the common types of drainage patterns along the basement highland are coarse dendritic to subdendritic parallel to subparallel and radial drainage and less common types are trellis.
The main reasons for the variation in the drainage pattern are either deformation, or decrease in slope (Al-Shamsei, 1993).
The most efficient drainage pattern combines these two approaches, using a geometry that defies description here.
Performs an overlay of two raster maps, Pixels on the same positions in both maps are compared, After converting both lineament maps and Drainage pattern map of study area into raster format (Figure 7) and these combinations shown in a cross table (Table 2).
The use of LISA to the HI value distribution shows that the NE border of the Granada basin is affected by differential uplift related with the NW-SE normal faults, thus having a different drainage pattern system than the rest of the basin (Perez-Pena et al.
This includes Smart Growth planning to prevent pollution in the first place, minimizing pavement and expensive pipes by using Low Impact Development techniques such as porous pavement, green roofs and rain gardens to recharge groundwater and mimic a more natural drainage pattern.
Soil auger observations made on a 50-m grid in selected window areas (Blocks A, B, and C) reveal that the relatively simple soil drainage pattern represented on the 1:25 000 scale map (Fig.
disturbed longitudinal profiles of strath terraces (Starkel, 1972; Zuchiewicz, 1991, 1995b), incomplete sequences of alluvia (Starkel, 1985), convex-upward slope profiles in some regions (Starkel, 1972), young changes in the drainage pattern (Gerlach et al.
During routine dissection for undergraduate students, in the department of Anatomy, Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore, an unusual venous drainage pattern was noticed on left side in a middle aged male cadaver.
As the lava flowed to the sea it changed the drainage pattern in this part of western Victoria, creating large wetlands.