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a system of watercourses or drains for carrying off excess water

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In a rectangular or gridlike drainage pattern, streams form angular, near 90[degrees] turns, due primarily to following the fissures, tectonic faults, or joints in the bedrock (DeBarry 2004).
The usefulness of this operation is to clarify the relation of linear features (lineaments) with drainage pattern of study area and classify lineaments according to its relation with drainage pattern.
1 Note the lay of the land in your yard and the basic drainage pattern.
Design will include hydrology study to assess existing drainage pattern and potential impacts of proposed improvements.
A part of dendritic drainage pattern is existing in this district.
The most consistent drainage pattern of the ethmoid bulla is usually from the posterior and medial aspect of the bulla medially into the hiatus semilunaris superior.
Several landowners in the area have already worked out a drainage arrangement based on an overall drainage pattern heading south into the Grand River.
The subsequent discussion will focus on subsurface drainage pattern 'clusters' and their spatial occurrence across the watershed with reference to soil and topographic attributes.
20 that the source of the problem was not on his land at all because the county approved a drainage pattern from Phase 2 to Phase 1.
1) Variations of this drainage pattern have been described?
The difference in drainage pattern could be attributed to differences in soil characteristics, plot set-up, or measurement technique.
Each chapter has drawings of finds which provide the evidence for chronological or cultural identity and maps which relate sites to their contemporary, dendritic drainage pattern and dry land.
The drainage pattern, which occurs in more pronounced form among modern humans, consists of enlarged sinus grooves running laterally down the temporal bone, as well as marks made by a network of veins around the foramen magnum, the large opening in the skull through which the spinal cord passes.
Because the drainage pattern of a normal agger nasi cell is not clearly understood, we could not know whether this ostium was simply an accessory ostium similar to that of a maxillary sinus or whether it represented the true natural ostium of an agger nasi cell.
1] Hechl, Setliff and Tschabitscher, in their excellent atlas of the endoscopic anatomy of the paranasal sinuses published in 1997, write "the most consistent drainage pattern is from the posterior and medial aspect of the bulla medially into the hiatus semilunaris posterior (superior), ant erior to the basal lamella.