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Synonyms for drainage

Synonyms for drainage

emptying something accomplished by allowing liquid to run out of it


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Intensive mechanised farming with high use of pesticides and fertilisers, the loss of hedgerows, drainage of land, and a move towards spring sowing, have meant farmland bird species have continued to decline.
Urban development is causing major changes in the natural drainage of land.
Field and air-photo evidence led to identification of a relict landscape of radially cut ditches which appears to be a post-Roman attempt at drainage of land that was not finally drained until the post-medieval period.
drainage of land by drainage layer of gravel of grain 16-32 mm.
Human activity, including the drainage of land for agriculture and development, has resulted in the disappearance of many of the UK''s wetlands causing the decline of this and other specialist wildflowers, but in our area the plant can still be found along the cliffs between Marske and Saltburn, and at Scaling Dam Nature Reserve as well as at Hummersea.