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a sniper rifle with a telescopic sight

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Hwoarang was introduced in Tekken 3 and is one of the popular characters with expertise in street fighting, whereas Sergei Dragunov is a comparatively new Russian character introduced in Tekken 5.
62mm rounds from Russian Dragunov rifles which are far more deadly over a longer distance.
The soldiers stopped the car and detained the 5 occupants: one driver, 2 spotters with spotting scopes, and 2 snipers with Dragunov sniper rifles.
Similar in concept to the Russian Dragunov and the more familiar Romanian PSL, the M-76 is a Kalashnikov variant.
The original countersniper lab, now known as the JEFF 3 lab, accepted its first piece of evidence--a Dragunov sniper rifle--on 30 December 2006.
They would be armed with an RPG and Dragunov sniper rifle.
The arsenal includes 15 AK-47s, four SKS rifles, two machine-guns, one Dragunov sniper rifle, two rocket-propelled grenade launchers, one hunting rifle and one Thompson sub-machine gun.
Underneath everything else, I could see the Mujahideen guerilla I'd nicknamed Frodo thumping away with a Dragunov sniper rifle - Mother Russia's best weapon - like someone pounding on a bass drum.
62 x 39mm); - Mark 6 Sterling carbine in 9mm semiautomatic; - Dragunov sniper rifle (7.
The highly anticipated fighter features two brand new characters, Lili and Dragunov, whose unique fighting styles add a new element of action to the tournament as they battle the exciting cast of classic TEKKEN characters, including the highly anticipated return of Armor King and fan-favorites Jin, Paul, Steve and Kazuya.
In addition, the conference was attended by Yuri Dragunov (Director and General Designer) and Vyacheslav Lysakov (Assistant Director) from JSC NIKIET , who presented the poster presentation "The MBIR Reactor: an innovative tool for innovative research and substantiation of advanced designs" as well as a joint report with the National Research Centre Kurchatov Institute on the topic of "Reactor PIK: the upgraded core".
I was also given military clothes to wear and was trained to use a Kalashnikov (assault rifle), Dragunov (sniper rifle), PKC (machine-gun) and RPG (rocket powered grenade).
This type of rangefinding reticle was first fielded by the Russians with the RPG grenade launcher and subsequently the SVD Dragunov sniper weapon system.
Based on the statements of his guard and the results of the autopsy, the indictment argues that Aydyn was killed by sniper fire originating from the roof of a building rather than horizontal gunfire fired in a direct line (the Dragunov sniper rifle used in the attack was seized later).