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Synonyms for dragon

a creature of Teutonic mythology

a fiercely vigilant and unpleasant woman

a faint constellation twisting around the north celestial pole and lying between Ursa Major and Cepheus


any of several small tropical Asian lizards capable of gliding by spreading winglike membranes on each side of the body

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Although she looked bubbly on TV, Dragun, an Australian news presenter, suffered from bipolar disorder and depression.
These findings are consistent with a recent study by Freeman, Huang, and Dragun (2012), who examined the use of adjuvant radiation therapy among Appalachian Kentucky residents.
1) Entrevista de Patricio Fernandez, "El teatro no esta en crisis, es la crisis: Entrevista a Osvaldo Dragun.
Our thanks to: Joanna Liu for research support and reference manager work; Quenby Mahood for expertise in grey literature and searches; Hind Sibihi for help with the French language part of the scan; Kiran Kapoor and Kristina Dragun (WSPS) for compiling information on the pathways of immigration; Peter Smith for providing us with some recent immigration statistics; and Janet McLaughlin for expertise in the area of Temporary Foreign Worker occupational health and safety.
De los consagrados en el momento de la publicacion hay que destacar a Alfonso Sastre, Jorge Diaz, Enrique Buenaventura, Osvaldo Dragun, Fernando Arrabal, Griselda Gambaro, Antonio Gala, Jeronimo Lopez Mozo, Vicente Lenero, Jose Triana, Juan Mayorga, Fermin Cabal, Juan Radrigan, Matias Montes-Huidobro, Diana Raznovich, Sabina Berman, Jesusa Rodriguez.
lady, that same dragun yt ys / That I schuld fyght wyth" (1296-1297).
The new trial is good enough to warrant the use of dopamine for kidney transplants, says Duska Dragun, a transplant nephrologist at Charite Hospital in Berlin.
Lead researchers Duska Dragun and Anja Haase-Fielitz, from Charite Universitatsmedizin Berlin, Germany, studied the gene that encodes COMT in 260 patients who underwent heart bypass surgery.
Some wildlife valuation studies have passed the scope test concluding that the size of the good affects WTP estimates in a positive and statistically significant way (Giraud, Loomis, and Johnson, 1999; Jakobsson and Dragun, 2001; Mullarkey and Bishop, 1999; Stanley, 2005; Veisten et al.
Aunque no es nuestro proposito realizar un esquema comparativo, que seria material de otro trabajo, una ligera vision nos brinda claves de que el grupo convergio en sus propuestas con grandes teatristas del Nuevo Teatro Latinoamericano--Osvaldo Dragun, Enrique Buenaventura, Santiago Garcia, Luis Valdes y el Teatro Campesino chicano y Augusto Boal, por mencionar algunos nombres--en conexion con sus poeticas que buscaban ensayar la revolucion descolonizadora socialista a traves del reclutamiento de las clases marginadas y oprimidas.
En su nuevo repertorio ahora figuran obras de Miller, Moliere, Chejov, Robles, Figueiredo, Calderon, Chocron, Ionesco --en 1962, con un exito descomunal, incluyendo a Caracas--, Lope de Vega, Dragun y Garcia Lorca, muchos de ellos conocidos por primera vez por esa audiencia regional en una comoda sala que ahora tenian.
Information regarding HDF indicated that valuable water soluble vitamins would be lost, hypophosphataemia could develop and that we would have to consider supplemental vitamins and phosphate (Haase, Morgera, Bamberg, Halle, Martini, Hocher, Diekmann, Dragun, Peters, Neumayer & Budde, 2005).
Dragun is a chief resident in radiation oncology at the Medical University of South Carolina.