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Synonyms for dragon

a creature of Teutonic mythology

a fiercely vigilant and unpleasant woman

a faint constellation twisting around the north celestial pole and lying between Ursa Major and Cepheus


any of several small tropical Asian lizards capable of gliding by spreading winglike membranes on each side of the body

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The current effort is a result of the Dragun Corporation conducting a peer review several years ago of more than a decade of reports on the TCE contamination on the former Schilling Air Force Base.
Although she looked bubbly on TV, Dragun, an Australian news presenter, suffered from bipolar disorder and depression.
These findings are consistent with a recent study by Freeman, Huang, and Dragun (2012), who examined the use of adjuvant radiation therapy among Appalachian Kentucky residents.
Our thanks to: Joanna Liu for research support and reference manager work; Quenby Mahood for expertise in grey literature and searches; Hind Sibihi for help with the French language part of the scan; Kiran Kapoor and Kristina Dragun (WSPS) for compiling information on the pathways of immigration; Peter Smith for providing us with some recent immigration statistics; and Janet McLaughlin for expertise in the area of Temporary Foreign Worker occupational health and safety.
Based on Kurtz's prior involvement with children, we believe there may be additional victims who have not come forward,'' said Detective Cynthia Dragun of the Los Angeles Police Department's Devonshire Division.
Nykjaer A, Dragun D, Walther D, Vorum H, Jacobsen C, Herz J, et al.
Mayer, President (248) 644-1810 50 W Big Beaver Rd Ste 240 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304-3907 The Dragun Corporation Environmental & Ecological Services Empl: 32 Mr.
2000), and preservation of wildlife (Jakobsson and Dragun 1996).
Over the years, Casa de las Americas, a review as well as the main organ for cultural expression of the new regime, has conferred prizes to authors included in our anthology Latin American Writers (1989): Ezequiel Martinez Estrada (Argentina, 1960), Emilio Carballido (Mexico, 1962), Osvaldo Dragun (Argentina, 1963, 1966), Jose Triana (Cuba, 1965), and Antonio Skarmeta (Chile, 1969).
Templeton's Dmitry Dragun said: "Retailers like Morrisons combine a small capital asset base with great cashflow, and they are great at leveraging brand values.
While globalisation may bring many benefits, it also has adverse impacts, which--although aired by demonstrators at World Trade Organisation (WTO) meetings, outside the World Bank, and at various economic summits, and which arguably spawned the One Nation Party--are not seriously considered by many economic analysts (an exception is Dragun and Tisdell 1999).
His colleague Dimitry Dragun suggested suggested investors fear that the consumer boom may turn out to be a 'spending bubble'.
As Dragun and O'Connor (1993) note, Coasian solutions rely on a particular form of reassignment(4) of claims on production (i.
DRAGUN, CONTINGENT VALUATION AND ENDANGERED SPECIES 78-82 (1996) (discussing the problems of independent valuation, embedding, and symbolic bias).
In this sense, the playwright who has impressed me most in Osvaldo Dragun of Argentina, whose Historias para ser contadas and El amasijo to me represent a true example and challenge in the field of theater.