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American herb having sharply serrate lanceolate leaves and spikes of blue to violet flowers

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II-4: The concentration of N, P and K (%) in different Dragonhead (Dracocephalum moldavica L,)plant tissues showed a remarkable increase with different levels of organic fertilizers.
Delphinium 3-7 3'-6' June-July False Dragonhead 3-7 2'-3' Aug.
DRAGONHEAD AND GUESTS: Beacon Folk Night, Beacon Centre, Central Avenue, Nuneaton.
With our Dragonhead Enterprise status, which confirms CHRI as a quality-oriented government sanctioned enterprise, we are positioned for a large scale global market penetration for CHRI's products," says Jiayin Wang.
And police are now desperate to identify the mystery man, who has a distinctive triple dragonhead tattoo on his upper right arm.
Orkney Brewery's administration manager, Karen Dunnett, said the basis of the drink would be the Dragonhead Stout.
They tracked down his family after issuing an appeal centred on his distinctive triple dragonhead tattoo on his upper right arm.
We are now a nationally accredited enterprise - A Dragonhead enterprise, giving us a high degree of governmental level certification as a quality company in China meeting strict standards," says Mr.
Director Ren gave high recognition on the company's recent year's achievements, and encouraged the company to maintain its newly acquired Dragonhead Enterprise status which grants certain government support such as reduced taxation.
We are pleased with this LOI and also being Dragonhead Enterprise which allows recognition and access to important events and to government officials," said Mr.
The company has now reached an important milestone as a Dragonhead Enterprise with a valuable franchise to provide the foundation for future growth.
In addition, we expect that the benefits of our newly awarded Dragonhead Enterprise status will improve our already good margins toward TianMa, enabling us to realize significantly reduced taxation in this new product line," said Mr.