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a ski tow that pulls skiers up a slope without lifting them off the ground

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The incident happened at the start of the day on the Hochwurzen drag lift when warm weather made the snow difficult to negotiate.
Having to walk back uphill repeatedly was tiresome - riding on any sort of drag lift with a board takes more skill than getting down the mountain - but by the afternoon I was traversing the slope, linking turns and really having fun.
My novice teenagers were soon heading up the slopes on a drag lift and descending in surprisingly commendable curves.
Police said that, one after the other, the youngsters were knocked off the drag lift and picked up speed as they slid down the slope.
After the humiliation of falling over three or four times while trying to grab hold of the drag lift, I was feeling tearful and ready to get the next flight home.
This was my second skiing trip, my first was as a beginner and then it had been hard work just staying upright on the drag lift.
They consented to being photographed and filmed ascending on a T-bar drag lift and then skiing back down the relatively gentle slope.
Police say that, one after another, the youngsters were knocked off the drag lift and picked up speed as they slid down the slope.
I read 'Je Suis Charlie' on blackboards beside drag lifts and chair lifts.
Six runs, two miles of piste, drag lifts, a bar and shop, store rooms and a car park were planned - all to be developed over three years.
There are also four drag lifts servicing the nursery and intermediate slopes with many of the facilities one would typically find in a European resort.
Tom confirmed this lack of drag lifts is also a plus for boarders.
With some basic lessons in the bag, we headed for the drag lifts, soon following Petar in a gentle slalom.
We progressed fast, using drag lifts and proper chair lifts, to higher mountain regions.