drogue parachute

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Synonyms for drogue parachute

a small parachute that pulls the main parachute from its storage pack

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a parachute used to decelerate an object that is moving rapidly

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The drag chute fairing assembly is a composite/metal construction, which allows the jet fighter aircraft to introduce the drag chute.
6 million contract modification to develop drag chute systems for F-35 Lightning II JSF.
After touchdown, ground crews reported that the drag chute mechanism appeared undamaged and intact.
As one of the wing's B-52 aircraft touched down for a planned full-stop landing, A1C Nowosielski noticed the aircraft's drag chute had failed to deploy.
A drag chute may have slowed him before he hit the water, but we never figured out how he had survived after ejecting so far out of the envelope.
Brown was awaiting word from ground controllers about a potentially troublesome drag chute tucked away in Discovery's stern.
Powered-up system testing and drag chute door installation continue.
When Capt Szasz activated the drag chute upon landing, she noted a distinct lack of immediate deceleration, indicating that the drag chute did not deploy.
Pyrotechnic connection completed this week, and the drag chute installed.
I pulled the throttles to idle and jerked the drag chute handle back while the aircraft commander raised the airbrakes.
After touchdown, the aircraft's drag chute malfunctioned during deployment.