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Synonyms for draftsman

a skilled worker who draws plans of buildings or machines

an artist skilled at drawing

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Law costs draftsmen are specialist lawyers who help to settle the legal costs of a court case.
There is no legislative history to explain why the addition was necessary, or what the Justice Department draftsmen had in mind.
There is not an 'A' school set up for draftsmen so the course is structured around helping the students be successful in all aspects of art," said Fitts.
Deploying the stylistic vocabularies associated with these painters and draftsmen, he simultaneously tests the conditions for the possibility of the expressive gesture as such.
With several daily briefings, Byers and the other draftsmen kept busy.
Ms Sheilagh Moffat, president of the Birmingham and West Midlands Society of Chartered Accountants, said it was good news for parliamentary draftsmen, but bad news for those who would have to administer and advise on the new rules.
It is as if the draftsmen deliberately make them complex when they don't need to be," he said.
38) Many authors found the metaphors of industrial production irresistible in describing the school: "Of course, teaching was centered solely on the needs of the factory and, depending on orders, they produced more or less fitters, more or less accountants or draftsmen.
MBA is comprised of licensed architects and engineers, draftsmen, designers, project managers, estimators, construction superintendents, laborers, and carpenters.
Note: Certain technical specialists (such as engineers, designers, draftsmen, computer programmers, system analysts and other similarly skilled workers), who are hired by companies and then supplied to others (through three-party arrangements), must be classified under the general common law rules.
Kimmel works nationwide to serve clients in architecture, presenting candidates for roles as Senior Architects, Intermediate Architects, Intern Architects, Project Managers, Design Architects, CADD Technicians, Production Architects, Draftsmen and Draftswomen, and Controllers.