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Synonyms for draftsman

a skilled worker who draws plans of buildings or machines

an artist skilled at drawing

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Draftsmen undertake a detailed assessment of costs - a process which is controlled by statute in England and Wales.
51 The training of draftsmen in the Special Group was particularly crucial to Le Creusot's strategy of limiting workers' autonomy in decisions concerning production.
Much of the book spotlights Disney's Imagineers - engineers, machinists, draftsmen and set designers - who were content to work in the shadows.
Developed in 1953, the Gerber Derivimeter was used by engineers, mathematicians, scientists, designers and draftsmen to obtain directly the derivative or slope of a plotted curve.
MBA is comprised of licensed architects and engineers, draftsmen, designers, project managers, estimators, construction superintendents, laborers, and carpenters.
Since most of our students are already employed in an engineering organization as draftsmen or technicians and looking to advance their careers, many can immediately apply these new skills in their workplace.
Both launched their careers as draftsmen - Warhol as a commercial illustrator, Nadar as a sharp-eyed caricaturist.
Young said today city employees who are members of the Municipal Engineering Draftsmen Association have become the 22nd union to ratify a labor agreement with the city of Detroit providing for a 10-percent decrease in pay.
His collection includes Bryant(TM), a highly legible sans serif inspired by the mechanical lettering kits used by draftsmen and amateur sign makers.
Pencils for draftsmen and artists, who demand the highest quality, have always been made from incense-cedar and not synthetics, she said.
Useful to engineers, draftsmen, detailers, technical documentors, manufacturers, and industrial designers involved in industry applications as diverse as tool and die design, prototyping and more, GD&T FONT no.
Now reporting to Treiber will be three additional engineers, as well as reassigned engineering staff (for a total of eight) plus newly assigned draftsmen, mechanical engineers, and support staff.