draft dodger

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someone who is drafted and illegally refuses to serve


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Just one thing after hearing this draft-dodger hymning the praises of heroes at the VE Day celebrations.
And the designated candidate of the party that twice elected draft-dodger Bill Clinton - over World War II heroes George H.
Coming to office with a record as a draft-dodger, Clinton immediately alienated the top brass by stating in a press conference that he would allow gays to openly serve in the military.
So if he wins let's see this draft-dodger move the Summer White House to Baghdad - where, he tells us, 'they now got freedom and democracy'.
But clearly there's one law for the old draft-dodger and another for the men who do the fighting.
As for Mary Bempechat's draft-dodger comment about our president (Your Opinions, Aug.
When Vietnam draft-dodger Bush secretly slid into "liberated" Baghdad last week, he only stayed three hours and, despite having the greatest military force mankind has ever assembled, would not leave the military compound at the airport.
According to the draft-dodger currently in the White House, he now burns with a similar missionary zeal for the people of Kosovo.
As if the issue weren't explosive enough, he arrived in Washington tarnished from a campaign in which he had been labeled a draft-dodger, only to find himself quickly mired in a political disaster over his handling of gays in the military.
When his country called, he was there - unlike Bill Clinton, who was a draft-dodger and looked the other way.
He was best known as the United States' most notorious World War I draft-dodger.
Gibson is not quite so well known for his role as draft-dodger.
He was a draft-dodger who took dope, a married politician who seduced a string of tarts with bad roots and badly-spelt Christian names.
The young Briton seized by France at a Channel Tunnel terminal as a draft-dodger was freed last night.
Soldiers, sailors and airmen are there, but so are civilians, profiteers and their victims, Alaska highway workers and even 'Zombies' and draft-dodgers.