draft dodger

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someone who is drafted and illegally refuses to serve


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Along with Wayne's mythical influence, Graham considers Muhammad Ali's draft resistance as a significant event in the development of black GI solidarity.
The fear--or, since I can only speak for myself, at least my reading of it--was that perhaps our going to prison for draft resistance was all for nothing.
But I think we all feared that we would simply find ourselves forgotten, our draft resistance rendered irrelevant or ineffective, because so few members of the movement stood with us shoulder to shoulder, as the saying goes, by joining us in prison.
Indicative of the public's desire to attribute draft resistance to immaturity and youthful rebellion, Life identified Kearns only as a "student" and ran the photograph along side a story belittling draft resisters.
Cornell served six months in Danbury Federal Prison for his draft resistance.
Again, we are offered an overly busy plot, crammed with radical student politics, including a bombing, draft resistance, orgies and a nifty kidnapping seam.
government, carrying on a war in Vietnam, had to reconsider in the face of draft resistance and desertions en masse, how a garbage workers' strike in New York immobilized a great city, how the threat of a boycott against Texaco for racist policies brought immediate concessions.
12) The Evangelical students participated in protests against the presence on campus of an ROTC unit and had meetings counselling on draft resistance.
When YAF's Libertarian Caucus pushed for a resolution advocating draft resistance as a legitimate form of civil disobedience, conservatives demurred.
Rioux predicts that the house will retain heat well because of its thick walls, bank of windows on the south side and draft resistance ($2,000 was spent on insulation).
All the highlights are touched upon: Ali's fights with Sonny Liston, Joe Frazier and George Foreman; two of Ali's marriages; his conversion to Islam; his friendships with the disparate likes of Malcolm X (Mario Van Peebles) and Howard Cosell (a dead-on Jon Voight); his draft resistance and subsequent pariah status.
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