draft dodger

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someone who is drafted and illegally refuses to serve


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Zionist Union lawmaker Merav Michaeli called it "state-sponsored encouragement of draft evasion.
These include desertion from the armed forces in wartime, draft evasion during wartime or a national emergency, and voting in a foreign election.
The decree includes the crimes related to the laws on peaceful demonstration, carrying or possessing unlicensed weapons and ammunition and draft evasion.
Clara ran Nation raised children Elijah came home snatched again by devil this time white charged with sedition draft evasion five years prison Clara ran Nation raised children a little silent woman disrespected by sisters who shared her man in her face caught on roof getting to her man why they dis me in my face?
The period of the 1960s and '70s, also a period of upheaval, was not without bloodshed: urban riots, the shootings at Kent State, assassinations, marches, campus demonstrations, the burning of the University of Oregon ROTC building, draft evasion, televised police brutality at the 1968 Democratic Convention, a disgraced president forced from office, "hawks and doves," and the Vietnam War on our living room TVs.
According to SMSP activists, a sophisticated system of corruption for the purpose of draft evasion exists, making it easy for those with money to avoid conscription.
Through this device we learn of Arthur's Vietnam draft evasion, his rift with his father, the failure of his marriage and estrangement from his daughter.
Israeli MP Warns against Rising Military Draft Evasion for Religious Inclinations
Misikir is a Pentecostal Christian, which is a banned religion in Eritrea, and trying to flee the country is also seen as draft evasion.