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someone who is drafted and illegally refuses to serve


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Nevertheless, TaE- received a second letter in May 2015 from the district governor's office in Erzin, officially notifying him of a fine for draft dodging.
As its potential ranks are being chipped away by corruption, draft dodging and the poor health of the youth, the military appears to have resorted to a campaign of youth seizure without much discrimination.
He was prosecuted for draft dodging and left unable to fight for three-and-a-half years which should have been the peak of his career.
How convenient for the warmongers in our government to not have to rely on a draft, which would likely result in massive draft dodging and civil disobedience.
Part way through his course at London's Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, he came close to being arrested for draft dodging the Vietnam war and had to leave and enrol at an academic US
But should the sight of the staff in military fatigues have you pondering outlandish draft dodging scenarios, you can drown your anxieties with less lethal liquids - Staropramen on draught and a host of bottled Eastern beers.
Frankly, my dear, Hollywood doesn't give a damn what you and I think about Mel Gibson's films or his draft dodging.
At her draft dodging trial of 1917, she claimed that 'our relation to America is the same as the relation of a man who loves a woman, who is enchanted by her beauty and yet who cannot be blind to her defects?
is the Republican Bill Clinton--a too-slick-by-half politician prone to weasel-word responses to persistent questions about his alleged cocaine abuse, draft dodging, and womanizing --but Shrub does not go there.
Wholesale draft dodging meant only the most hopeless and most desperate where being inducted for active duty.
Clinton feels a special need to convince the military he is a strong leader because of his history of draft dodging and his early championing of gay rights in the ranks.
Antiwar protesters of the '60s "were not motivated by concern for the people of Vietnam," and none of them should be deemed honorable in their aims, which in fact on a practical level amounted to little more than draft dodging.
Baseball great Babe Ruth was investigated for draft dodging, and newspaper mogul William Randolph Hurst was investigated for suspicion of funding the Mexican-American War.
THE NEW measures introduced and implemented last year against nepotism and promoting equal treatment in the army have led to a decrease in draft dodging, the Defence Minister Christophoros Fokaides said on Wednesday.