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someone who is drafted and illegally refuses to serve


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Deserters already faced increased scrutiny with their military status, and lacked what many draft dodgers had by way of college education and professional skills.
Meanwhile, 8 draft dodgers who have been involved in the current events turned themselves in and handed weaponsto authorities in Jab'aden in Damascus Countryside.
When it was necessary to decide between those carrying the burden and draft-dodging, Benjamin Netanyahu sided with the draft dodgers," Mofaz said in a news conference to announce that he had informed Netanyahu of Kadima's withdrawal from the coalition.
Yes, we do have provocateurs and draft dodgers, and it is even strange that we have so few of them under current conditions.
16) that the genius of capitalism has created a lucrative, growing business in reply: paid assistance for draft dodgers.
How to avoid being conned by the cruel bank draft dodgers
About 50,000 draft dodgers moved to Canada so they wouldn't have to fight.
The campaign has been endorsed by environmentalist David Suzuki, recording artist Bruce Cockburn, journalist June Callwood, the Quakers, some lawyers and trade unions, the Canadian Arab Federation and former Vietnam-era draft dodgers.
To add insult to injury, numerous draft dodgers, in later years criticised and virtually harassed some ex-servicemen who took some time to resettle into civilian life.
Hinzman, Hughey, and Sanders are following in the footsteps of tens of thousands of military deserters and draft dodgers who went to Canada during the Vietnam War.
A town in western Canada planned a monument to American draft dodgers from the Vietnam War.
The section for "hippies"--the middle-class draft dodgers and drug offenders--was around the handball courts.
The denizens of Drop City, CA, are, on the surface, what one might expect: high-school dropouts who've decided to tune out and turn on, draft dodgers, children born into the antitrade of communal living; confused, naive, and eager, the lot of them.