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someone who is drafted and illegally refuses to serve


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For instance, roughly one-third of all draft exiles in Canada refused on ethical grounds to accept deferments for which they qualified, making them more accurately war resisters than draft dodgers, and idealists rather than realists.
The gray-haired draft dodgers of the 1960s are talking about updating and republishing the handbook that once told Americans how to get to Canada, find work and stay active in the antiwar movement.
Legislation targeting draft dodgers was drawn up and approved by parliament in February 2011 and provided among others, for an additional eight months of alternative service for those claiming a disability, injury or psychological illness.
I suppose, to Larsen, it's more of a crime to be a Democratic draft dodger than a Republican one.
William Sloane Coffin, warned that the seminary would not become a "haven for draft dodgers.
Other forms of coercion have also been considered, such as barring draft dodgers from employment in the public sector and not issuing them driving licences, but it appears the ministry is fighting a losing battle, now that it is socially acceptable to resort to any means to get out of military service.
He declines, however, to enlist for the combat film ``God Is My Co-Pilot,'' perhaps inspiring a future generation of draft dodgers during the Vietnam War.
The group says there is discrimination between citizens since draft dodgers are allowed to avoid doing their national service without any consequences or obligations.
The little cowpokes they left behind in front of their TV sets moved on to the '60s to become flower children, reluctant soldiers, professional college students and draft dodgers.
According to the minister, 79 athletes competing in team or individual sports were draft dodgers.
As part of its clampdown on draft dodgers who use these grounds to avoid serving, Papacostas said part of the plan was to stop giving permanent exemptions to such applicants.
The pressure group is quite right to demand that the draft dodgers are penalised in some way because as things are the system is grossly unfair.
A NATIONAL GUARD (NG) doctor has been suspended pending a disciplinary investigation after the Defence Ministry received a large number of complaints saying he was facilitating draft dodgers.
The Ministry maintains there is a conflict of interest because many draft dodgers use his psychological evaluations to evade service.
Hundreds of angry veterans sent Gerald Ford their Silver Star and Purple Heart medals after he pardoned Vietnam deserters and draft dodgers in 1974.