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dracunculus contiene principalmente metil chavicol (16,2%) y metil eugenol (35,8%) [3].
medinensis can use an amphibian (frog) as a paratenic host in the laboratory (8) and has recovered, for the first time ever, a Dracunculus larva from a frog captured in the wild in Chad (9).
The extract of Artemisia dracunculus leaves appear to be potentially useful for decreasing the incidence of coronary diseases in human, given the positive results of experimental studies conducted in rats [13].
The disease itself is a bizarre and painful ordeal, caused by the roundworm Dracunculus medinisis.
They're believed to be the first two confirmed cases of cats in the United States infected by Dracunculus insignis, a parasitic worm that primarily targets raccoons and other wildlife.
Artemisia (Asteraceae): Understanding its evolution using cytogenetic and molecular systematic tools, with emphasis on subgenus Dracunculus.
There are some medicinal plants such as Helichrysum arenarium Moench, Artemisia dracunculus L.
Guinea worm, or Dracunculus medenisis, enters a person's body when the person drinks water that is contaminated with a water flea that hosts the larvae.
Information garnered from such health education is capable of assisting people to change those behaviours such as wading by someone infected with guinea worm, who has open ulcers; in a pond where villagers fetch their water, and drinking water that has been contaminated with guinea worm eggs, where Cyclops (water fleas), the vector of Dracunculus medinensis abound, and hence reducing guinea worm infection (WHO, 1992; Kareem, 2000).
carolinensis, Intestine Marmota monax Contracaecum Lepomis gulosus Viscera spiculigerum Cosmoseralla Hyla cinerea Colon haberi Crenosoma gobeli Procyon lotor Lungs Cruzia Didelphis virginana Intestine tentaculata Dichelyna Ameiurus melas, Intestine robustus Ictalurus Anguilla Dirofilaria Canis latrans Heart imitis Dracunculus Procyon lotor Skin insignis Foleyella Rana utricularia, Bufo Abdominal Americana woodhousii Mesenteries Haplonema Amia calva Intestine immutatuin Kalicephalus Elaphe obsoleta, Intestine tennesseensis Coluber constrictor Molineus barbatus Procyon lotor Intestine Oswaldocruzia Bufo woodhousii Intestine leidyi O.
Evaluacion de microbiota de estragon (Artemisa dracunculus L), como aporte al manejo agroecologico de aromaticas en invernaderos de la Universidad nacional.
The collected plants were included of: Achillea wilhelmsii (leaf), Achillea millefolium (leaf), Artemisia dracunculus (leaf), Salvia multicaulis (leaf), Thymus vulgaris (leaf), Ziziphora clinopodioides (leaf), Rosmarinus officinalis (leaf), Lavandula angustifolia (leaf), Mentha piperata (leaf), Hyossopus officinalis (leaf), Salvia officinalis (leaf), Anethum graveolens (seed), Foeniculum vulgare (seed), Carum carvi (seed), Petroselinum sativum (seed), Artemisia absinthum and Melissa officinalis (leaf).