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Planning decisions that benefit supermarkets and out-of-town retail parks, draconian town centre parking restrictions and the closure of thousands of post offices are contributing to the death of over 2,000 small shops every year.
I hope that those hearing the appeal take this into account and also consider the damaging effect of draconian punishments on the lives of those concerned.
One Bush Administration official belatedly frets that the explosion of WorldCom and other scandals last year made Sarbanes-Oxley more draconian than originally intended.
However, Mr Hoonasked for even more draconian measures to be imposed - and yet again we can't tell you what they are.
Modest as those bills are, the supplement industry is dishonestly charging that they are draconian measures that would take away the public's right to buy ordinary vitamins.
Lauded "Book of the Year" by the Coalition of Visionary Resources, The Shift: An Awakening is novel constructed around the the meeting of mystical revelation, political transformation, and the cusp of drastic awakening and draconian change.
Zerhouni responded last February with draconian ethics rules that preclude employees from consulting for biomedical companies, accepting monetary prizes, or owning stock in drug companies.
Abandon draft legislation in respect of Foreign Investment Entities and Non-Resident Trusts; if perceived abuses of the Income Tax Act cannot be addressed by Canada Revenue Agency under the current provisions of the Income Tax Act, adopt narrower, more targeted remedies than this draconian legislation.
A spokeswoman for Merseyrail said: "We don't regard our campaign as draconian.
Ms Davidson said, "[We] want an absolutely dramatic draconian reduction in those kind of figures in Wales.
And, it will impose draconian fines--including potential criminal penalties--for failure to obey these new lobby restrictions.
What does the future hold for disabled veterans and their families in light of potentially draconian efforts to erode or eliminate veterans benefits?
Clumsy editing, clearly in fear of draconian FCC fines (the film is a British production), compromises the story further.
Judge David Wood, at Newcastle Crown Court, said: "The sentence of five years is a Draconian one but parliament has spoken and this is what the public view of these kinds of weapons is.
But I am not suggesting something like the Jan Lokpal as envisaged by Kejriwal because it was too draconian and most of the provision I personally feel are not within the limits of the Constitution," he said.